Lightroom iOS Photo Editor: Everything You Need to About

Lightroom iOS photo editor is a free app for Apple devices that offers its users the ability to take, edit, and share photos with friends and family in a simple way.

One thing that makes the lightroom photo editor stand out is that it also improves the creativity of the user in photo editing.

It also grants users the ability to upgrade from one level to a higher level of more awesome features and functions.

Lightroom is available on desktop, Android, and iOS devices. If you want to learn how to use the Lightroom iOS app, this article is for you.

In this article, I will show you how to download and use the lightroom iOS app.

How To Get Started With Lightroom iOS

To get started with Lightroom iOS, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Lightroom iOS app from app world
  2. Tap the Lightroom app icon on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Sign in with your Facebook, Google account, or Apple ID

Signing in will give you access to the unique features of the app.

Lightroom Views Options

There are many views on the Lightroom app that is available for you to use. Below are some of them.

  1. People view
  2. Library view
  3. Learn view
  4. Grid view
  5. Shared Albums view
  6. Camera Roll edit view, etc

We will discuss a few of the views you should get conversant with.

1. The Learn View

This view offers a convenient and easy pattern of understanding many editing methods in reference to the app.

The view also grants you access to tutorials from professional photographers which enables you to edit photos perfectly using the app and also creates an avenue for you to get the latest on tools and features.

2. The Discover View

This view offers you a wide range of photos taken by a good number of professional photographers and you have the ability to navigate through various categories of designs to enable you discover how the designs were made.

This view also enables you to save your edited photo for future views.

3. The Grid View

This view enables you to view photos in an album as well as their data. In this view, you can choose a cover photo for the album and it can be any photo from the album.

The Grid view also offers you a Filtering option to enable you to filter photos that you want to see according to their ratings or several other filter options.

Another option under the Grid view is the Sorting And Segmentation options and it enables you to sort photos in ways by dates of capture, import, or modification.

Grid View Information Options.

The information options that appear on photos in the Grid view include:

  • Photo Info
  • File Type
  • Large Thumbnails
  • Small Thumbnails
  • Normal Thumbnails
  • Flags And Ratings, etc.

4. Camera Roll Edit View

This view is made available to you when a photo is selected from the list of camera photos on your mobile device and included in the list of Lightroom photos on the same mobile device.

Another beautiful thing about this view is that it presents you with the option to edit photos from your devices camera roll list before importing them into your Lightroom.

5. Loupe View

The Loupe View appears when a photo is selected in the Grid view and it only allows one photo to be viewed at a time with a good number of options and tools for editing the photo.

The Loupe view also allows you access to metadata and several information related to the highlighted photo.

It is also seen as the platform where a lot of editing or modifications can be done on a selected photo.

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There is also the possibility of sharing the edited photo with friends or even print it amongst other amazing functions.

The Loupe view also provides a means of assistance to you through its Contextual Help menu.

The Contextual Help menu offers you a range of guides on tools and how they are applied.

It also provides tutorials to help you learn and improve more on editing photos and various avenues to explore the current techniques in photo editing with reference to Lightroom.

That’s all on Lightroom iOS.

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