Lenovo Student Discount 2022

Lenovo Student Discount: Lenovo offers college students and teachers a special discount on their entire purchase.

This article takes you through the special discount offered to higher ed students and how to take advantage of the offer.

All that is required to benefit from the discount is to click on the verification button in the shopping cart to verify your status, and you will take the discount at checkout.

Lenovo Student Discount

A student laptop must have many features, from long battery life and portable size to high-quality display and resolution. Not to mention more than enough storage space!

But, all of these must be provided at an affordable price to fit into a student budget. Hence the Lenovo Student Discount.

Lenovo has a wide range of high-quality devices perfect for students at an affordable and discounted price.

Since price is very important when choosing a laptop, getting a discount can be lifesaving.

Lenovo student discount makes laptops and PCs more affordable and gives you access to student-friendly high-quality devices.

How to Get the Lenovo Student Discount

It is very simple to take advantage of the student discount. Take the following steps:

  • Simply shop on the website lenovo.com.
  • Find the best laptop for you.
  • Register for the LenovoEDU Store to access the student discount.

Lenovo offers discounts on various leading laptop series, including the IdeaPad and Yoga, which focus on student-friendly and practical designs.

How it works

  1. Add items* to your cart.
  2. Verify your ID.me eligibility during checkout.
  3. Done! Discounts applied.

About the LenovoEDU Store

Lenovo offers Students a special discount on their entire purchase.

You will have to validate your status by clicking on the verification button. After which you will be able to enjoy amazing student discounts.

How to Register for the LenovoEDU Store

To register for the LenovoEDU store, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to education.lenovo.com/us/
  2. Click on the Sign up Free tab.
  3. Create an account with LenovoEDU/Create a Lenovo ID
  4. Provide your personal details
  5. Verify your account with your provided email
  6. Sign in to your account and be a part of the community.

Student Discount Laptop Brands

  • ThinkPad Laptops

  • Yoga Laptops

  • Legion Laptops


  • IdeaPad Laptops

Student Discount Computer Brands

  • Legion Desktops

  • ThinkCentre Desktops

  • Yoga Desktops

  • IdeaCentre Desktops

Click here to access a collection of ideal Lenovo PCs for students in 2022.

Who is eligible for the Lenovo student discount?

College students over 18 years old and actively enrolled in a college are eligible for the Lenovo Student Discount.

Hence, college students, university students, community college or technical college students are eligible for the ID.ME discount.

Moreover, active certified teachers, certified teacher aides, certified teacher assistants, certified educational assistants, speech pathologists and principals at public, private or charter schools are also eligible for the program.

Lenovo partners with ID.me to provide discounts to students, the military, and more.

How to Verify Your Status

Verify your student status with the step outlined below.

You can verify your college student or teacher affiliation by clicking the verification button in the shopping cart on Lenovo.com.

Follow the prompts to complete your verification and simply log in to your account to receive discounts on future orders.

Once you verify your college student or teacher affiliation, the discount will be applied to all eligible products in your shopping cart.

For more information, click here.

Now that you know the Lenovo student discount take advantage of this information.

You can get a wide range of laptop devices and accessories and use them to improve your schooling experience no matter where you are.

You can easily take advantage of the student discount and save money on tech devices. Simply go to Lenovo.com and start shopping!

Please connect with us using the comment box if you have any questions. Thank you.


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