iPhone to iPhone Transfer Method [Simplest Crack]

Hi there! Are you looking for the simplest way you can use in transferring stuff from an iPhone to another iPhone? If so, then consider checking on this article.

We all know that one of the biggest benefits of purchasing a new iPhone is that it is very easy and stress-free to organise your new iPhone to become exactly like your old one.

By the time you have finished reading this article and following the instruction therein, you should have set up your new iPhone to look like your old iPhone. Your new iPhone will have exactly the same wallpaper, applications, images and email. The setup will organise your old messages in your new iPhone, contacts and other phone settings exactly how it was in your old iPhone.


The existence of iCloud and iOS makes the whole transfer/setup exceedingly easy and at your convenience. This article will explore how to transfer your data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone through Backup or key data.

Transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone Using iCloud Backup

After purchasing your new iPhone, the next step for most is transferring their contacts from their old iPhone. iCloud helps you move all the contact from your old iPhone to your new iPhone easily and without stress. iCloud also allows you to move all your data and settings from your old iPhone to your new iPhone.


Here’s how to do an iPhone to iPhone contact transfer:

  • Using your old iPhone, enter your settings application.
  • Ensure you have an internet connection on your devices.
  • Select your name before tapping on iCloud.
  • Ensure you have switched on the contacts toggle.
  • Tap on iCloud Backup.
  • Select Back up now.
  • Switch on your new iPhone and ensure it is set up properly.
  • After the apps and data column, select the restore from iCloud Backup.
  • You will be expected to sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Choose the backup data that you set up with your old device.
  • Be patient while the iPhone to iPhone transfer takes place.
  • Tweak the setup according to your preference.

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Transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone using iCloud sync

The next step after purchasing a new iPhone you will want to transfer your contact from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. You can use the iCloud sync.

  • Ensure both old and new iPhone is connected to the internet.
  • Sign in to your Apple ID on your old iPhone and new iPhone. You can access this via the settings.
  • Use the settings to access the iCloud platform.
  • Ensure the contact toggle on the new and old iPhone devices is on.
  • Be patient for contact merge to take place between phones.

After the contact synchronisation takes place on the new iPhone and old iPhone, refresh the contact app on your new iPhone to access your contact list from your old iPhone device.

Transfer contacts from new iPhone to Old iPhone Using iTunes

Many people prefer using iTunes to do a contact transfer from the old iPhone to the new iPhone. But to do this transfer, a computer and the old and new iPhones are required.

  • Ensure your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Click on the iTunes software.
  • Use a USB cord to connect your old iPhone to your computer.
  • Enable access to your old iPhone.
  • Ensure you select your iPhone on the toolbar.
  • Select info at the sidebar.
  • Click on synchronise contacts, and select apply.
  • Select sync for the synchronisation to take place.
  • Connect your new iPhone to the connection via USB.
  • Click on sync contacts in the info column.
  • Go to the advanced section.
  • Click on contact, and you will find replace info on this phone. Click yes.

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Switching to a new iPhone may seem a daunting task, but it’s easier than it seems. In this guide, you’ve learned how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. If you need more help with your Apple device, feel free to check our articles on how to.

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