Investment One Pensions – My Story


Update(1st Sept, 2016)
Investment One Pensions did contact me on 17th August, 2016.
I did receive all of my money on 1st September, 2016.

Here is my story with Investment One Pensions.
At diamond bank, Abak road, Uyo.
One Mr Joshua(Investment Pension staff) spoke to me about their Retirement Savings Account.
I got interested, asked all the necessary questions.
One of which was; Can I have access to my money at any time?
His answer was Yes.
The Investment one pension staff assured me I could make withdrawals at anytime.
3 Months later, I had enough Money to start the project I was saving for.
Called the guy.
He sends me the account closure forms.
I fill them, head over to his office. Sign and submit them.
The process was to take at 3 days for me to get access to my funds.
It’s been 3 months now.
And Investment One Pension hasn’t credited my account.
It’s no more funny.
But I refuse to believe the guys at the top are aware of this.
I doubt Investment One Pension will treat a customer like this.
I doubt Mr. Nicholas Nyamali approves of this. I doubt  Mr. Alex Okoh  approves too.
I doubt any of these guys approve.
Mr. Azubuike Okonkwo
Mrs. Taiwo A. Mudasiru
Mr. Nicholas Nyamali
Mrs. Adejoke Chukwumah
Mrs. Gbemi Victoria Adelekan

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