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You can find the best international Social Work degree programs worldwide, and there are great ways to learn about other cultures. Doing adequate research about international social work degree programs will help you cast a wider net when finding the right courses to heal human pains across boundaries. Social work began in Amsterdam in 1899 and spread throughout the globe to redress inequalities from Europe to South America and Africa.

Choosing to study social work in the United States may not provide you with the same perspective as studying overseas. According to Fortune, the United States has $63.5 trillion of the world’s $153.2 trillion total wealth. Preparing to deal with the world’s intricate challenges of unemployment, illness, violence, and war is best done elsewhere. This article will explore some of the best social work degree programs.

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University of Alice Salomon

Alice Salomon University is a private technical, applied sciences university in Berlin’s Hellersdorf area, established in 1899 by German social activist and IWF staffer Alice Salomon. ASH Berlin provides a 210-credit, seven-semester BA in Social Work in German with a global perspective, including one term abroad and a dissertation.

There is also a four-semester MA in Social Work as a Human Rights Profession, which is a full-time, hybrid online program in English that focuses on global campaigns for disadvantaged people.

The MA in social work is a research-based multidisciplinary programme that integrates international social rights laws and regulations with specialized social sciences and the application of conceptual understanding to professional practice.

University of Kent

The University of Kent is a nonprofit, research-intensive university in Canterbury, England, that was established in January 1965 and led by Princess Marina and today educates 19,670 students.

After four years, the Faculty of Social Sciences’ HCPC-recognized Social Work BA has a 94% placement rate. The TEF Gold program, which begins in September and lasts 12 months, focuses on intern practice.

Social Work is a department of the School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research at Kent, which has facilities in Canterbury and Medway.

The school is home to a vibrant postgraduate community. Employers like Kent County Council, Medway Council, and Avante Care collaborate with the institution on research collaborations and offer students practical learning experiences.

University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger, which has been a member of the ECIU since 2012, is a global research institute. The centre’s director is Rector Marit Boyesen, and the Ullandhaug campus in Norway’s third-largest city educates nearly 10,000 students.

The department’s study courses emphasize the interplay between theoretical and practical knowledge, with students receiving practical experience in promising and relevant organizations.

The department provides undergraduate courses in social work and child welfare. Additional academic courses made available via the department include multicultural understanding, guidance and counselling. In addition, the department also has a master’s degree programme in social work and change management.

In the field of social work, the program offers a lot of potentials to meet demands in terms of capacity building, instruction, research, and employability.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore, founded in 1905 as the King Edward VII College of Medicine, is a Southeast Asian private research university. It is a member of the International Alliance of Research Universities. In addition, the school’s 150-hectare campus in Pasir Panjang, Queenstown, accommodates nearly 35,000 students.

The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work with a Minor in Human Services was founded by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in 1952.

The four-year bachelor’s degree option contains two 400-hour field internships locally and internationally.

The Master of Social Work degree is 36 months long, full-time, and includes an emphasis on Family/Community Studies or Health, 800 practical credit hours, and at minimum, one global exchange.

FASS’s Department of Social Work was established in 1952 and offers specialized social work-study at the bachelor’s, postgraduate certification, master’s, and doctoral levels. They have a vibrant group of staff and students who are interested in improving social well-being at all levels, from the personal to the societal, through a range of strategies relevant to today’s society.

 Kingston University London

As a government postsecondary research university with a mission to “Advance Through Science,”. Kingston University, London, has been endowed with £2.3 million by Chancellor Bonnie Greer to educate 20,885 students across three Penrhyn Road, Knights Park, and Roehampton Vale campuses.

Kingston University’s social work program provides students with practical social work experience as well as a background in philosophy, multiculturalism, psychology, economics, public welfare, and law. In this social work degree, you’ll learn about psychological health and disabilities, immigration and foster care, drug abuse, child protective services, and family abuse.

You’ll learn from those who have firsthand knowledge as well as professional teaching experts. The university is a member of a collaborative educational network with seven public bodies and two voluntary groups. This means you’ll be lectured in the lecture theatre by practising social workers who will use their real-world expertise to bring theory to life.

They have placement possibilities in childcare facilities, welfare services, psychological health, adult protection facilities, schools, and drugs and substance abuse services in South West London and Surrey.


Over 600 universities provide cross-border social work courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The University of Leeds and the University of Witwatersrand are two more prestigious institutions in the field of social work. The Universities of Sydney, British Columbia, and Buenos Aires also offer unique social work programs. Even so, the best social work degree programs depend on the university’s location handling them.

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