How to Subscribe Airtel 1000


How to Subscribe Airtel 1000: This is a detailedly written post on how to subscribe to Airtel 1000. Over the years, airtel has proven its competence as it has been a reliable network for browsing.

Because of how trusted airtel has been and its wonderful subscription plans, people prefer it for browsing even with other network sims in their phones.

Airtel plan has been a money saver compared to other networks e.g. MTN gives 1.5GB for only N1000. Whereas, Airtel doubles the data for you. So, I will be sharing with you first the steps to buy the data plan.

How to buy Airtel data plan for 1000

It is simple and short. To subscribe or activate any of the Airtel internet bundle plans, just:

*. Dial *141#
*. Choose 1 which is “my offer”
*. Choose 5 which is 1.5GB for 1000 valid for one month.
Having done this, you will be asked what you want to happen when your bundle expires, you will then choose whether to continue browsing with your airtime or stop your data, whatever is your choice, you would enter with either 1 or 2 respectively.

All Airtel Data Plan List

Although our concern for this post was how to subscribe airtel 1000, I will provide you with a full list of Airtel subscription__no knowledge is a waste right?

Airtel Data Plan Price Data Caps USSD Code Validity
N50 20MB *141*50# 1 Day
N100 75MB *141*100# 1 Day
N200 200MB *141*200# 3 Day
N300 350MB *141*300# 7 Day
N500 750MB *141*500# 14 Day
N1000 1.5GB *141*1000# 30 Day
N1,500 2.5GB + **1GB Night *141*1500# 30 Day
N2,000 3.5GB *141*2000# 30 Day
N2,500 4.5GB + **1GB Night *141*2500# 30 Day
N3,000 5.5GB + **1GB Night *141*3000# 30 Day
N4,000 7.5GB + **2GB Night *141*4000# 30 Day
N5,000 12GB (10GB + **2GB Night) *141*5000# 30 Day
N10,000 25GB *141*10000# 30 Day
N15,000 40GB *141*15000# 30 Day
N20,000 60GB *141*20000# 30 Day

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