How to Send and Receive Fax Via Gmail

When a fax is mentioned in conversations these days, people are quick to write it off as an archaic means of sending and receiving information. What with how easily the possession of information can be transferred with email and even social media platforms. The idea of operating a chunky fax machine drives in the last nail on the fax coffin.

With all these being true, fax still maintains some advantages. It even still enjoys high relevance in the corporate world and billions of faxes are being sent every year.

Send and Receive Fax using Gmail

To sustain its relevance and use, fax have been made such that faxing can be done online, without the use of a chunky fax machine. Fax can now be sent via,

  • Gmail,
  • Google Drive,
  • Google Voice,
  • Computer and
  • Smartphone

Although there are several media of sending fax asides a fax machine, this post unravels how to send them via Gmail alone. Here’s how that’s done…

How to Send Fax with Gmail

All requirements and steps required to send fax with Gmail are discussed below.

  • Create an Online Fax Account

You have to first create an online fax account by signing up on one of the online fax services platform. You get a fax number with which you can send and receive fax through Gmail.

Two of such online fax platform include efax and CocoFax.

  • Create an Email message

On Gmail, use the compose option to create a new email.

  • Addressing the Email

In the tab where you’d normally enter the recipient Gmail address, enter the recipient’s fax number instead, followed by “@ the online fax platform send”.

For instance, if the fax number is 12345678912 and the fax platform is efax, the recipient address should be; “[email protected]”. For CocoFax, it would be “[email protected]”.

  • Attaching Fax Document

Click on the paperclip icon to attach documents you wish to fax from your computer. You could also use the drive icon to upload a document from Google Drive.

  • Create a Cover Page

Type a message into the body of your email to create a cover page for your fax. Some online fax platforms offer cover page templates. You can choose from the available collection.

  • Sending the Fax

After completing the above steps, your fax will be ready to send. Click the “send” button and your fax will be on its way. A confirmation email will be sent to your inbox, notifying you of a successful fax.

Receiving Fax with Gmail

  • Share your Fax Number

Remember that fax number you got after creating an online fax account? That’s the one you’ll use to receive fax. Share it with people to start receiving fax from them.

  • Receive Fax in your inbox

Fax sent to you through your fax number will end up in your Gmail inbox, in the form of email attachment, no fax machine required.

  • View your Fax

Just like you’d open and view your mail, your incoming fax can be opened and viewed just so. You can view, sign or forward it.

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