How to register for your PVC online

If you have not registered for your voter’s card before and would like to do so now, then you need to read this, because today we will be talking about how to register for your PVC online.

The date for Nigeria’s next general election is set for February 25, 2023. About 20 million Nigerians have turned 18 since the 2019 elections and are now legally able to vote. Although every eligible Nigerian citizen has the legal right to vote, some may be prevented from actually casting their ballot due to administrative hurdles. However, getting a Permanent Voters Card is an essential first step in voting that can be taken right now (PVC).

How to register for your PVC online.

On Election Day, voters must bring their Permanent Voter Card (PVC) issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to the polling place. In past elections, obtaining a PVC required lengthy wait times and lines that stretched for days. INEC has opened a website where any Nigerian citizen with internet access can register a PVC on their own. Voters can use the site to do a number of things, including registering for a new PVC, transferring their card to a new state, and getting a replacement card.

Registration for PVCs can be completed online beginning in June 2021 and ending on June 30, 2022. A total of over 16,000,000 people have signed up as of today, May 12, 2022. In April, however, INEC chairman Mahmud Yakubu revealed that nearly half of these registrations were deemed invalid due to incomplete data and wrong or multiple registrations. This figure can reach as high as 60% in some areas, the chairman noted.

To ensure a validated registration, follow the steps below to register for your PVC online.

Visit the INEC website

Visit the INEC registration portal and click “Get Started” to begin the online PVC registration process. You will be taken to a new page with a list of services. Click on “New Voter Pre-registration”.


Only those who have never registered their PVC before should choose this option. The site allows you to modify your card information in the event that you lose your card or want to change its expiration date.

Please note that registration is a one-time-only event. You will be disqualified if you submit an application but then try to register multiple times before receiving confirmation. This is due to the fact that it is unlawful to register for an event more than once.

Create a portal account or log in.

Before proceeding to the registration form, you will be required to sign in to your portal account or create one. Fill in your name, email address, and phone number, and create a password, then click “Submit”.

Because an instant email will be sent to verify your account, you should only use an address that you have access to. Please check your spam folder if you still can’t locate the email.

You should have correspondence from the INEC CVR Portal in your inbox. To get back to the sign-in page, open it and click the link it contains. When prompted, please enter your email address and the password you just made by clicking “Log In” again. The next page, titled “Declaration,” will ask you to affirm that the data you’re about to enter is correct. The “Yes” button must be clicked before continuing.


The main registration form can be accessed after the Declaration page. In order to complete the form, please provide the following details:


Name, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, NIN, and nationality.

Additional information:

Level of education, disability, maiden name.


Country of residence, state of residence, LGA or city of residence.

Birth information:

Country of birth, state of birth, LGA or city of birth.

Origin information:

Country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin (town or village)

Polling unit:

This is information about the state, local government and area you want to vote in.

If you need to submit additional documentation, such as a passport or national identification card, there is a place for that at the bottom of the page. This is a recommended but not required step because it simplifies the identity verification process. It also lets INEC share information about you with other organizations that have databases.

When you’re ready, hit “Save and Continue,” and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can rest assured that your application has been updated successfully. Click the “three black lines” in the upper right corner of your screen if you do not receive this confirmation to see the status of your application.

Upload Photographs.

Next, you’ll need to submit a couple of high-quality close-up shots of your face, one with a neutral expression and one with a smile. Simply select the desired file by clicking the “Choose File” button. After taking a selfie, simply select the “Use Photo” button to have it instantly resized and uploaded. All of the pictures need to be crisp and well-lit. Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, you can move on to the next.

Schedule an appointment.

After completing the online registration for your PVC, you will need to schedule a time to have your biometric data collected. Physical characteristics, such as a person’s height or fingerprints, can be used as biometrics.

Here, you’ll find a form that, when filled out, will provide you with a list of options for nearby locations at which you can have your biometrics taken.

Address information provided in the biodata form is used to generate these choices. There are currently 811 biometrics capture centres across the country, and more are in the works. Each centre is represented in a state-by-state directory that can be accessed from this page.

On the portal, you’ll also find a schedule of convenient times to submit your fingerprints and other biometric data. Take your pick of the two that works best for you. The entire biometrics process takes about 30 minutes, and the officials are always on time.

If you need to change your appointment time or date, you can do so through the INEC website at any time. You can send in your application after you’ve decided on a time and date.

Your path to full voting rights has just been cleared. You will be issued a TVC as evidence of having cast your ballot after your biometrics appointment. Store it somewhere secure.

In order to obtain your PVC, INEC will contact you when it is ready, and you will be able to do so at the same location where your biometrics were taken. This could take as long as three months.


You must present your TVC in order to receive the PVC. If your TVC is missing, you can reprint it from the online portal. All you need to do is enter your login details in order to access your form.

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