How to Record WhatsApp Call | Simplest Techniques Used

Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging platform in Africa and many parts of the world. The app has enabled people to make free voice and video calls to any part of the world from the comfort of their homes.

The only criteria have the WhatsApp application and the internet. When there is a need to limit physical meetings, more people are beginning to rely on Whatsapp for daily business and personal communication. WhatsApp’s video and voice calling features are of high quality, but no official feature enables users to record WhatsApp calls.

How to Record WhatsApp Call

If you use Whatsapp calls frequently and intend to record some important conversation or discussion during the call on Whatsapp, this article will guide you. There is no official setting that allows you to record via Whatsapp, but this easy instruction will show you how to record Whatsapp calls.

How to record Whatsapp call via Third-Party Applications

A good way of recording Whatsapp calls is by utilizing third-party apps. Many applications are available on the google play store. These apps can help you record voice calls. Whatsapp does not have an affiliate app for voice calls, so it is advisable to use any trustworthy apps on the play store.

Many of these apps, which you can use for Whatsapp call record, can also record calls via other instant messaging apps. These apps converted recorded calls to either Mp3 or WAV format. For instance, a particular app: Call Recorder for WhatsApp is meant solely for Whatsapp use.

After recording the WhatsApp calls, users will have the opportunity to store them on their device storage. This will help them to retrieve the files when needed easily.

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How to use Phone Rooting and Screen Recording to record WhatsApp calls

Another alternative to third-party app installation is rooting your android devices. You must exercise caution because rooting can damage your phone’s software and void its warranty. But if you insist on rooting your android device, you can utilize the SCR screen recorder app. The app helps you to record Whatsapp calls after rooting your device.

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How to use Another Phone to Record a Whatsapp Call

A very inexpensive way of recording a Whatsapp call is by using another phone. This is made possible if there are two phones. For people who cannot find a call recording application or root their phone, it is indeed possible to use a second phone for Whatsapp voice call record.

The primary phone will need to be on speaker, and the atmosphere must be quiet enough for the second phone to make the record.

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