How to Find Chrome Extensions


How to Find Chrome Extensions: Chrome extensions are unique things about Google chrome. It is a way in which Google boosts its utility and functionality Google extension also increase the productivity of chrome. This post will show you how to find chrome extensions.

How to Find Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions exists within the chrome interface. This will prevent you from opening other programs before finding Chrome extension. Most chrome extensions do not cost a penny and are available for free download.

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How to Find Chrome Extensions

The simplest method of finding chrome extensions is:

  • Click open your Google Chrome software.
  • You will find at the right corner of the browser, the customize button. It shaped like three-dot.
  • Click on More Tools and select extension. Another option tab will be displayed.
  • The extensions you have already installed will be shown in the new tab
  • To download more extension, click ‘get more extension’.

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FAQS ON Chrome Extensions

Are Google Chrome Extensions for free or do I need to pay to use them?

Majority of the chrome extensions you will find are available for free or little charges. A particular extension you need to install that requires charges can be swapped for a free alternative.

Do Google Chrome Extensions work offline?

A lot of chrome extension you will find can function offline, others will need an internet connection. This can be sorted out through the Chrome Web Store.

Do Google Chrome Extensions work for Android, too?

It is still currently in the works. Chrome Extensions are mostly for desktop mode. However, a few extensions work for both Android and desktop.

Do Google Chrome Extensions works with Google Drive?

Some Chrome extensions will function on Gooogle Drive, but others will be difficult to integrate into Google drive. You can sort it out via Chrome web store.

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Google Chrome is popularly used as a web browser around the world and Chrome Extension makes the use of Google Chrome more fabulous. Chrome extension will boost performance and syncing. You need to be careful when downloading a Chrome extension. Download the best, because a mediocre version can slow your browser down.


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