How to Find Chrome Extensions


How to Find Chrome Extensions:  One peculiar feature of the Google chrome is Chrome extensions. Amongst other advantages of the Google extensions to Google chrome is the fact that the extension shoots up the Google chrome productivity and as well increases its functionality.

How to Find Chrome Extensions

Extensions are minute software programs. These programs make your browsing experiences to be customized thereby enabling you to fashion the functionality of the chrome app on your device to your preferred needs.

Chrome extensions are built on web technologies which include, JavaScript,  HTML, and also CSS. Whatever web technology an extension is built on, it must be specific in function and very easy to be understood and used.

Chrome extensions are not to make the chrome browser difficult to use but, the existence of extensions in the browser fastens the response of the browser and also makes the browser more reliable.

This guide aims at showing you a route through which you could find the chrome extension on your device.

Google Chrome Extensions is only existent in the chrome interface. Due to this, it is difficult to launch other programs before you can access the chrome extension. These extensions are mostly free of charge although, some could be labeled with a very little amount to acquire.

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How to Find Chrome Extensions

Locating chrome extensions is not so much of a task, below are simple steps to go about that.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your device__whether an android, an iOS, or a PC.
  2. There is a customized button in the form of three dots at the right corner of the browser.
  3. Once the customized button is clicked on, locate and click on “More Tools” on the new page and enter the “extension” option. You will be directed to another tab.
  4. If you have any already saved extensions, this will be shown to you on the new tab that loads open.
  5. If you have more extensions you would like to download, simply click on the “get more extension” option.

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FAQS ON Chrome Extensions

Below are some questions that have been frequently asked about Chrome extensions and their respective answers, check it out.

Are Google Chrome Extensions for free or do I need to pay to use them?

Majority of the chrome extensions you will find are available for free or little charges. A particular extension you need to install that requires charges can be swapped for a free alternative.

Do Google Chrome Extensions work offline?

A lot of chrome extension you will find can function offline, others will need an internet connection. This can be sorted out through the Chrome Web Store.

Do Google Chrome Extensions work for Android, too?

It is still currently in the works. Chrome Extensions are mostly for desktop mode. However, a few extensions work for both Android and desktop.

Do Google Chrome Extensions works with Google Drive?

Some Chrome extensions will function on Gooogle Drive, while others will be difficult to integrate into Google drive. but it can be sorted out via Chrome web store.

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Finally, Google Chrome serves as a web browser in all countries of the world therefore, the extensions enhance the Google chrome functionality making it reliable and easy to use by anyone.

It must be ensured that the best extension is gone for when choosing Chrome extensions because extensions of extremely ow grades can make the browser slower than normal instead of boosting the performance of the browser.

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