How to Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a stand-alone feature designed by Google to helps users get things done faster. That is not all, Google Assistant helps you do things without you stressing yourself to perform the same task over and over again.

As you have already known, this feature one of the coolest features you will find in almost every latest Android device because “with Google Assistant, you can easily play your favorite music, schedule your task, etc”.

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However, after using Google assistant for some time past, I have come to know that there few things in Google assistant that may tend to be very annoying, and one of such is that “It has the habit of popping up and interrupting you whenever you are using your smartphone”. Maybe what you were doing wasn’t something that you should be distracted from, but Google Assistant will just Popup like one witchcraft.

Yea, this has been one issue that a lot of Android users have been complaining about.

So in this post, you will see how to disable Google Assistant and Ok Google since it’s not a must for you to use them. This means that you could be very tired of it and decide to take a break.

If you wish to turn off or disable Google Assistant and Ok Google, then this continues reading.

How to Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant is disabled in the Google settings on the device, not in the Google application.

  1. Open the Settings on the device.
  2. Select Google and use it to navigate to Search, Assistant & Voice > Google Assistant.
  3. In the Google Assistant settings, switch to the Assistant tab.
  4. Scroll down until you find the list of Assistant devices.
  5. Select your device.
  6. Turn off “Google Assistant” on the screen that open

How to Disable OK Google

Here is how you disable OK Google on your device:

  1. Open the Google application on the Android device.
  2. Click on the “More” link when it opens.
  3. Now navigate to Settings > Voice > Voice Match
  4. Disable “Access with Voice Match”, “Unlock with Voice Match”, and “While Driving”.

That’s all on how to disable Google Assistant. Was this article helpful?

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How to Disable Google Assistant

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