How To Get Soft Hands Fast


Nobody desires dry and rough hands, but a lot of us experience it. It is somewhat inevitable; the dryness, cracks, chappy feel of hard, callous fingers and palms. This is why a lot of persons search for ways to get soft hands fast. It is imperative.

Though, dryness of hand is caused by chemicals and unfavourable climatic conditions. In addition to that, our hands are one of the busiest parts of our body. This exposes them to a lot of harsh condition, which leads to rough and dried palms. It is not to say that it is impossible to get soft hands fast. There are lots of easy ways to hydrate and moisturize your hands, and in a short time, you will witness the result.

So this article will explore some helpful tips to prevent dry hands and ways on how to get soft hands fast.

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

Tips to prevent dry and rough hands

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Here are some tips to help you to avoid dry and rough hands:

Always moisturize

Frequent moisturizing is one way to prevent dry and rough hands. It comes from the word ‘moisture’ which refers to water retention in the skin. With the help of some substances in moisturizers, your hands will continue to be moist and rarely cracked or dried. Always go with a hand cream whenever you are outdoors, especially during the winter or any extremely chilly weather.

Use warm water, Instead of hot water.

Hot water is known to remove the skin’s natural oil and burn off the keratin cells, found on the skin’s external layer. This is why dry skin occurs; because of the disruption of the Keratin cells. This reduces the likelihood of moisture lockage by the cells and worsens the dryness of the hand. So we recommend you use warm water instead of hot water.

Use Gloves

Moisturizing gloves can help to your hands, dryness during the harsh climatic period. These gloves are affordable and inexpensive, are enriched with vital ingredients that can moisturize your hand. The fabrics of these gloves are immersed with moisturizing agents, which help to keep your skin chap-free throughout the winter period.

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

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Here’s how to get soft hands fast:

Use lotion to moisturizing your hands

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

Using lotion is one of the most important means of getting soft hands. Lotions can be found in varieties of fragrance and styles to align with your personal preference. Creams rich in shea butter and vitamins can help your skin stay soft for a very long time. Other essential ingredients are Lanoil, retinol, mineral oils and glycerin. 

Natural oils are helpful.

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

If you are not still convinced about lotion. Natural oils can be used in its stead. They are highly effective and more affordable alternatives. Some examples of these natural oils are aloe vera gels, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil.

Moisturizing supplement

Moisturizing supplements (like flax and borage supplements) can boost the moisture and curb roughness in your hands. They can help control dry skins because they are fortified with flaxseed and evening primrose.

Avoid petroleum jelly 

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

There is a popular misconception with regards to the curative ability of petroleum jelly (vaseline), especially in the treating of dry skin. I’m afraid that’s not right. Vaseline is more of a moisture blocker; it doesn’t moisturize. Yes, it can retain moisture, but it won’t make your hand soft fast.

Avoid harsh chemicals and irritants.

How To Get Soft Hands Fast

Every day, we encounter harsh chemicals, for instance, dish soaps and detergents. They contain some unfriendly chemicals that tend to cause dryness of hands. So we’d advise you to use gloves when washing plates or clothes, to prevent your hands from making contacts with them.

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