Five Reasons Why Most Candidates May Fail Jamb 2021

As JAMB 2018 draws even closer by the day, we will be analyzing Five Reasons Why Most Candidates May Fail Jamb 2018 and how not to be among them, it will be of immense help to read the article below.

Five Reasons Why Most Candidates May Fail Jamb 2021

  • The social media frenzy coupled with the easy accessibility to the internet easily distract these candidates from concentrating on their preparation for the JAMB examination. These group of candidates hardly open their books till few days before JAMB examination. They are the ones who rain insults on JAMB online on seeing their dismal performance in the UTME. They hardly use the JAMB syllabus, past question or software. In order to avoid being this kind of candidate, embrace seriousness and dedicate yourself to studying for the examination. Failure is bitter, but it is tragically traumatic knowing it is you are the cause of it. No pain, no gain. So commit yourself to reading and preparing for the examination.


  • There’s a deep dependence on religion and the supernatural, that candidates rarely focus on their examination pursuit. They spend hours and hours in religious activities, but spend little times in their examination. They trust all kind of myths that exposit tales of success by wholesome dedication to religious activities at the detriment of actual examination preparation ( Reading of books). It’s as simple as ABC, if you fail to prepare adequately, you adequately prepare to fail. There is no other way to avoid failure than preparing effectively by dedicating yourself on marathon reading and study, and using auxiliaries like past questions and syllabus.


  • There is no means more shameful than the use of extraneous materials in examination. Candidates use various kind of reckless means in a bid to pass JAMB examination with ease. They breathe in laziness, and breathe out quest for expo and flout of examination rules. This attitude will only lead to failure, and disappointments because there is no other way to pass JAMB than hardwork, dedication and diligence in your studies.


  • The widespread fear and restless by candidates during the period of JAMB examination is a contributory factor to failure in the examination. These fear is based on irrational bias, and it tend to undermine the confidence of any candidate that embrace it. Self-confidence is a necessary ingredient for examination success but fear decimate self-confidence.  So, don’t give up or lose hope in your preparation or abilities to succeed, work harder and be inspired. Victory will smile on you.


  • Some candidates are specialists in cramming, their inability to understand whatever they are reading underlines this heinous act. Cramming doesn’t help, if you want to read and understand effectively read this

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