WAEC Exams Revision Tips

When it comes to Revision, a lot of students seem to get it wrong all the same. Revising seems like a very simple idea for most students, but there are so many revision traps that are easy to fall into, e.g thinking that highlighting a page is the same as understanding it, or revising on one particular topic or subject without visiting others.

Revision in its literal term is to re-read work done previously to improve one’s knowledge of a subject, typically to prepare for an examination. While revising, you only have to refresh your memory, rather than re-learn the things you already studied so hard for. In this article, I will be revealing the important revision tips to help you ace your WAEC Exam this year.

WAEC Exams Revision Tips for Success

1. Gather your notes

This is the most important step when thinking about revising. The style/writing of your notes isn’t the important thing here; it’s that your notes are very thorough and comprehensive enough to ensure you get the essential information that will help you succeed in your WAEC Exam.

2. Summarize what you’ve read (Jotter)

A major reason why students may not read through all of their notes from beginning to end is because they don’t create summaries of all they’ve read. Reading through your notes can be tedious for many. A summary of your notes after reading will only be a page or two, covering the things that are most important for you to know in that subject.

The idea is that you as a brilliant student have created something that is much more portable and digestible for your memory. In most cases, your summary shouldn’t be understood by virtually anybody who picks it up to read. It’s for you alone to understand.

By the time you’re revising, you shouldn’t need to refer to the notes nearly as much as you refer to your summaries. Also, the summary is something you can take with you just before an exam, and read through it, instead of trying to pick out important points in an enormous textbook that you may not easily find.

3. Test yourself

While it makes sense to summarize your reading in whatever way that suits you, it doesn’t make sense to test yourself in the same way or an easy way over and over. Remember, the exam is not going to be set precisely the way that suits you. So it’s important you push yourself to answer the difficult questions in whatever material you are reading with. Most importantly, you should attempt the WAEC questions in every exercise of the recommended textbooks.

4. Practice with Past Questions

We’ve already spoken about the importance of summarizing using your own notes. The next obvious step to take after following the above tips is to practice past questions. This cannot be overemphasized enough.

Note: Past questions are a significant portion of your revision strategy. Even if the exam questions aren’t repeated yearly, practicing past questions will help you get a feel of your WAEC exam and the time you will have available to answer each question.

Once you’ve created your notes and summarized the important information’s and practiced your past questions, believe you me, you will ace your WAEC Exams this year in one sitting.

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