Etihad Airways Nigeria: How to Guide

Etihad Nigeria 2021 guide. Etihad Airways is among the top class airlines in the world and you can find them all over the world offering first-class services.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airway has become a top brand name in the aviation industry and has become more popular for sponsoring some sports brands such as Manchester City in the English Premier League.

Etihad Airways was established by the Royal (Amiri) Decree in July 2003 and started operation in November of the same year.

In this post, an attempt will be made to provide you with all the information you need about Etihad airways Nigeria. It’s our view that you will find it interesting. Please read on.

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The airline has always sought to provide its customers with the best of services in accord to Arabian hospitality – considerate, warm, generous, and cultured services you can get anywhere in the world.

The Etihad Airline is a company that tends to bridge the East and the West together with its headquarters based in Abu Dhabi.

Their establishment in Nigeria seeks to bring a unique and interesting traveling experience as they seek to revolutionize the airline hospitality services in the Nigerian aviation industry.

Destinations Of Etihad From Nigeria And Their Prices.

Etihad Airlines travels to some popular destination from Nigeria and you are guaranteed of quality service delivery when you fly with Etihad Airlines. They have various prices for this destination and we are going to list some of the destination and their prices.

Also, note that there are two types of services that Etihad provides for her customers; the business class and the economy class.

These two classes represent two distinct price tags. We must say that the economy class is a bit affordable than the business class. Hence, the size of your pocket determines the one you go for.

  • Lagos to London – $904 for economy
  • Lagos to Mumbai – $2697 for business
  • Lagos to Abu Dhabi – $1072 for economy
  • Lagos to New Delhi- $2845 for business
  • Lagos to New York, NY – $1336 for economy
  • Lagos to Kuala Lumpur- $7211 for business
  • Lagos to Ai Ain- $1072 for economy
  • Lagos to Ai Ain- $5014 for business
  • Lagos to Dubai- $1072 for economy
  • Lagos to Dubai- $5014 for business
  • Lagos to Jeddah- $1393 for economy
  • Lagos to Jeddah- $5876 for business
  • Lagos to Kaula Lumpur- $1214 for business
  • Lagos to London- $3088 for business
  • Lagos to Mumbai- $937 for business
  • Lagos to New Delhi- $1108 for economy
  • Lagos to New York- $5459 for business

How To Book Flight with Etihad Airline Online

Now we are going to show you the step to book a flight online on Etihad Airway. It is a very simple process and you just have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on this link to take you to their online booking page as shown below.

Step 2: On the Etihad booking page, select your outbound and inbound destination if booking for a return ticket.

Step 3: When you have completely filled the required fields, click on the search button and you will be taken to the next page.

Step 4: The next page will show your booking as selected and if any flight is available on the date you imputed in the previous page. If no outbound flight is available on that particular day, then you will have to choose another date

Step 5: After picking the available date, you will scroll down to see the complete details available.

Step 6: When you have completed this step, you will move to the next step and will continue to fill any details asked of you until you get to the payment page

Etihad Airways Contact Number Worldwide And Their Contacts

Country Number Office Hours
UAE +97125990000 24/7
Australia +611300532215 24/7
Austria 0820309955 0700-1800 GMT Mon-Sat
Belarus 882000730018 0600-1500 GMT(Mon-Sat)
Benin 23414609940 24/7
Bosnia & Herzegovina 080082813 24/7
Bulgaria(English and Arabic Only) 8001103277 24/7
Cameroon 23414609940 24/7
Canada +1 8669481081 24/7
China +86 4008822050 0100-0900 GMT (Mon-Fri)
Croatia 080082813 24/7
Czech Republic( English and Arabic Only) +420 239018299 24/7
Denmark +4543314948 24/7
Djibouti 00254207602515 24/7
Egypt 8000000147(Landline) 24/7
Ethiopia 00254207602515 24/7
Finland +358972522268 24/7
France +33(0) 157324343 0700-1800GMT (Mon-Sat)
Germany +49(0) 3095999805 0700-1800 GMT (Mon-Sat)
Hong Kong +852 30713221 0100-0900 GMT (Mon-Fri)
Hungary (English and Arabic Only) +36 17789796 24/7
Iceland (English and Arabic Only) 8008196 24/7
India 1800223901 & 18002090808 24/7
Indonesia (English and Arabic Only) PT Telkom: 0078030114933 Indosat 0018038529238 24/7
Ireland +353 (0) 16569900 24/7
Italy +39 02 23331300 0800-1600(Mon-Fri)
Japan +81 (0) 332984719 0000=0800GMT (Mon-Fri)
Jordan 80022803 24/7
Kazakhstan 88005556248 0400-1500 GMT (Mon-sat) and 0700-1500 GMT (Sat)
Kenya +254 (0) 207602515 24/7
Korea +82 (0) 2 3483 4888 0000-0900 GMT (Mon-Fri)
Kuwait +965 22280566 24/7
Lebanon +961 1989393 24/7
Macedonia 080096373 24/7
Malawi 27113439140 24/7
Malaysia +60 377244340 24/7
Namibia 27113439140 24/7
Netherlands +31 (0) 20 20 35444 0800-1600 GMT(Mon-Fri)
Norway +4724055100 24/7
Nigeria +234 14609940 24/7
Oman 800 76423 24/7
Pakistan 80090044017 0430-1300 GMT (Mon-Sat)
Philippines +63 (0) 27926044 0000-0830 GMT(Mon-fri)
Poland (English & Arabic Only) +48 223060964 24/7
Portugal (English & Arabic Only) +35 1707201585 24/7
Qatar 8005501 24/7
Romania (English & Arabic Only) 800400105 24/7
Russia +7 499 272 3786 0600-1500 GMT (Mon-Sat)
Rwanda 254207602515 24/7
Saudi Arabia 80084447893 (STC) 80085000026 (Non STC) 24/7
Serbia 0800190561 0700-1800 GMT (Mon-Fri)
Singapore +65 68185555 24/7
Slovak Republic (English & Arabic Only) +421 268622499 24/7
Slovenia (English and Arabic Only) +386 18888617 24/7
South Africa 0860 123150 24/7
Spain +34 910507223 0800-1600 GMT (mon-Fri)
Sweden (English & Arabic Only) +46 851989554 24/7
Switzerland +41 (0) 844 002211 0700-1800 GMT (Mon-Sat)
Thailand (English & Arabic Only) +66 (0) 27873377 24/7
Togo 23414609940 24/7
Turkey +90 8502825001 24/7
UK +44 (0) 345 6081225 24/7
US +1 (0) 8777 690 0767 24/7
Vietnam (English & Arabic Only) 12280399 (Viettel) 12032429 (Mobifone, Vinaphone and VNPT) 24/7
Zambia 27113439140 24/7
Zimbabwe 27113439140 24/7


Etihad Airway Office Address In Nigeria

Etihad Airway office address location in Nigeria is 11th floor, Churchgate Tower 2, Churchgate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

You can reach Etihad Airway reservation center through the following contacts:

For flight reservation: 0023414609940

Email: [email protected]

Contact Centre on: +234 (0) 80 9993 6399

Note that the prices mentioned in this articles are subject to change. Hence, its important you regularly visit this page in order to be abreast of the latest changes.

Why fly with Etihad Airway in 2021?

Etihad airway has pride itself as one of the best airlines in the world. Over the year, it has improved in its facilities, from seats to service, to enhance customer’s comfort.

Etihad Airway is synonymous with world-class service and a pleasant flying experience, here are some reasons you should choose Etihad airway:

Live television

As one of the world’s ultra-modern airline, Etihad has completely improved its entertainment service. You can watch the most recent blockbuster movies, popular drama series and even play interactive games when you fly Etihad. There’s live television, which means you watch the latest news and enjoyable match fixtures.

Stay connected

Apart from quality flight entertainment, Etihad airline seats all have USB ports and power sockets. This means you will never your phone and gadgets will never go off on the flight, as you can keep it charged.

Wi-Fi is also available at an affordable charge. On the flight, you are permitted to use your phone for calling, texting and browsing if your network provider has a data-roaming plan.


You wouldn’t have to worry about cramps in your legs. Etihad seats are equipped with back support, ample legroom and recline feature. You can also get these in economy flight.

Lounge access

Etihad flight gives you the best of luxury treatment as you fly. Any passenger can access the Etihad lounge and enjoy quality comfort like quality drinks, spa treatment etc.

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