Draw No Bet: Definition, Explanation & Tips (2022)

The Draw No Bet selection in the betting market clearly removes the outcome of a draw for three-way games, leaving bettors with the choice of placing bets on either an away or home win. Handicap is another name for the Draw No Bet option.

Once you’ve figured out the advantages and disadvantages of Draw No Bet, it might be a smart strategy to bet.

In this article, we’ll go over how this type of betting works and the markets where it’s most typically seen as a betting choice.

As previously mentioned, it eliminates the draw as a betting choice, converting a three-way game to a two-way game.

What happens, however, if the game you’ve chosen ends in a draw? Why is this becoming a more desirable market for bettors?

If your game ends in a tie, your bet will not win or lose, and your money will be refunded in full.

Draw No Bet attracts bettors who want to lower their risk at stake.

When compared to betting on the typical three-way market, eliminating the draw as an option essentially provides the bettor with an extra degree of protection because the bettor is faced with only two choices: win or win.




With a few solid instances, let’s examine the difference between betting on a three-way market and betting on a two-way Draw No Bet.

In the Champions League, Fulham face Tottenham at home.

The following is how the 1X2 market is listed:

Fulham – 6/4
12/5 – Draw
Tottenham – 2/1

You choose to bet £10 on Fulham to win at 6/4 since they are in good form at home.

The match ends in a 1-1 tie, which indicates you’ve lost your bet.

The two-way market will be structured as such if you have chosen to track this game via the Draw No Bet market:

Fulham – 4/5
Tottenham – 11/10

Whereas the ‘to win’ pricing is less favorable than the conventional three-way 1X2 market, in this case, Draw No Bet would have played in your favor.

Since the game ended 1-1, your wager is a loss. However, you’d have the satisfaction of having your money refunded to you in full — demonstrating how Draw No Bet plays well for risk-averse bettors.


Draw No Bet FAQ

In an accumulator, how does the Draw No Bet option work?

Draw No Bet is just an extra layer of protection when generating an accumulator if you want to eliminate the draw from one or more picks.

Is it possible to combine Draw No Bet with other games?

Yes, you can place numerous bets on separate matches with Draw No Bet options, or you can choose Draw No Bet in some matches and distinct markets in others.

Is it true that a Draw No Bet accumulator is void?

No, if you choose Draw No Bet and the game results in a tie, only that selection will be canceled; the rest of the bet will continue as usual.

Which bookmakers provide the highest draw no-bet odds?

If a football or cricket match appears to have a good chance of finishing in a draw, you’ll have to choose a bookmaker that will give you excellent odds on a draw no bet. Here are some fantastic suggestions.

William Hill

Because William Hill is among the most well-known bookmakers in the United Kingdom, every betting expert will feature it at some stage. As a result, you can be pretty certain that William Hill will try to maintain its outstanding reputation by providing you with some valid odds on draw no bet selections.

While they may not be as attractive as most newer bookmakers, it’s great to bet with a brand that has a solid reputation for providing fair odds to its customers.

If you’re unsure about your bet, go out William Hill to see what they have to give you on this time-tested tactic.


Coral’s betting stores are well-known in the United Kingdom, and the organization has had considerable success extending its betting platforms to the digital sphere.

So remember to browse their live betting selections for football to their attractive odds.

The draw no bet feature has been made a key component of Coral’s football markets. All you’d have to do is select the ‘draw no bet’ button in the interface to see their odds for this betting choice.


Draw No Bet

We should also point out that Bwin is a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to make a bet.

This agency has been able to present a diverse range of sports betting markets, allowing you to bet on draw no bet selections on games across the world.



Draw No Bet

Currently, 1xbet is a reputable brand in the realm of sports betting. Since it upholds a track record of delivering very attractive odds, this Russian dealer continues to attract gamblers from all over the world. And using stakes, you’re also eligible for odds that are more than decent.


Draw No Bet

Pinnacle has established itself as the industry leader in terms of attractive odds. Whether you’re an experienced gambler or just starting out, this bookmaker, with over two decades of experience, is sure to meet your requirements in terms of its availability in sports and markets. Draw No Bet is available among a range of betting options. Additionally, this kind of bet continues Pinnacle’s history of offering the best odds. As a result, you can be sure that your investments will yield a positive return.

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