Download Streaming Videos Via Chrome (2022 Guide)

How to download streaming videos via chrome? Read Below;

streamingIf you love watching foreign movies and TV series a lot, you would have discovered by now that downloading video files is a lot better than streaming movies directly from browsers or apps.
Firstly, streaming movies actually consume far more data than downloading them first to your hard drive before watching them later.
Secondly, network issues can affect the quality of the stream.

When the network is bad, you would have to contend with endless buffering before you can watch. It is common for people to give up because they are tired of waiting for the video to start playing.

Thirdly, with the downloaded film, you can watch your favorite movie again and again with friends and family. Of course, it is easier to share movies that way.

With streaming, on the other hand, you’d have to waste data anytime you wish to watch your favorite movie. And that is assuming the network signal is strong then.
The tip revealed here is not that common. But it is very effective. With this tip, you can download any video from any streaming website.

Using the trick is not restricted to video, though. You can also download audio files. But I guess there are simpler ways of downloading audio files. So let’s stick to videos.

Why download with Chrome?

There are two answers to that question:

  • First, because Chrome is the best browser out there.
  • And secondly, because you can do it.

Generally, people download videos from websites by clicking the download button. Then they expect the browser’s inbuilt download manager to take over the downloading process.
Or if they have a good download manager software or app installed, it would automatically take over the video file’s download.

But here is the thing, some websites are coded to stop that from happening. I have come across several streaming websites like that. With these websites, you have to stream the video directly from the website to watch it.

In some cases, it is just down to the fact that your download manager cannot capture the video from that website.
This is where this guide works perfectly. At first, it may look a bit complicated. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy.
So let’s get to it then.

How to download video from any streaming site with Chrome Browser

It would be best if you had the following for this to work.

  • The latest version of Google Chrome is installed on your laptop/computer.
  • Any good download manager would do. For this guide, Internet Download Manager (IDM) was used.

To check if your Chrome browser is up to date, open Chrome on your desktop and click the options button at the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. It is either 3 horizontal lines arranged vertically or 3 dots arranged vertically.
Scroll down the drop-down menu and hover your pointer over ‘Help.’ A new menu would open. Click ‘About Google Chrome.’ It would open a new window.
If your browser is up to date, you would see something like in the image below.

If it is not up to date, The browser would tell you to update to the new version. Just click on the hyperlink to update your Chrome to the latest version. That would take some minutes, depending on your network.
Restart your Google Chrome for the update to take effect.

Downloading videos

1. With your updated Google Chrome browser, go back to the options button at the top right-hand corner of the menu bar. Click on it and scroll down, then hover your pointer over ‘More tools’; in the drop that menu that pops out, scroll down and click on ‘Developer Tools.

2. The Developers’ tools window would open. At the very top of the window is the menu bar. Look for the Network Tab (it is not hard to find, so you won’t do a lot of ‘looking’) and click it.


3. This step could either be done before or after you open the Developer’s tools widow. It depends on you, though.

Now open the video streaming site where you have all your favorite movies. Look for the video you want to download and click play or open it to start playing.

Alternatively, if you have the URL of the video you want to stream, paste it in the address bar and hit enter to open up the site. For this guide, my streaming video site is And the video to be downloaded is the TV series ‘Doubt.

4. Once you hit the play button or when the video starts playing, things start happening on the Developers tools window. All of the data you see, except one, are not relevant to this guide. So please don’t allow them to scare you off.

5. You can allow the video to play for a few seconds before pausing it. Now direct your attention to the Developers Tools window. You would notice several blue horizontal bars of different lengths.

Your target is the longest blue horizontal bar. It is easy to spot.

6. Once you locate the longest bar, use the mouse or trackpad to move the pointer over the bar. Ignore the box that pops out. Just right-click the bar.

7. Hover the pointer over ‘Copy,’ then click ‘Copy link address‘ in the drop-down window that appears.

8. Now you are done with the Chrome browser. The next stage is to use your download manager to download the video file.

So open up your download manager. In this guide, the download manager is Internet Download Manager. Click on the ‘Add URL‘ icon at the top left corner of IDM.

Then paste the link address you copied from the Chrome browser. Sometimes, the URL would already be captured by IDM. Click ‘OK,’ and in the next window, click ‘Start Download‘ after the file’s size appears. Depending on your network, this might take a few to several seconds.

The size of the file in this example is 92.36 MB.
If you are not using IDM, the process is basically the same. Just look for where to add new download links in your download manager and paste the link, and then proceed to download the file.
You can now sit back and wait for your download manager to download and store the file in your system.
This option of downloading video files is so much more convenient than using a torrent client. With a good download manager, the speed of download is far superior to a torrent client. And besides, you don’t have to depend on the number of seeders to get a good download speed.

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