How do you Disconnect your Facebook from Instagram

Instagram was purchased by Facebook in 2012. It is not strange to see a “From Facebook” notification popping up on your Instagram home page. This means that users can now link their Facebook profiles with their Instagram accounts. Linking accounts allows for easier simultaneous sharing and a smoother social networking environment.

Even yet, receiving duplicate Instagram message updates from both Instagram and Facebook might be inconvenient. Unlinking Facebook from Instagram can be a great option if you don’t care about linked profiles. This is how you do it.

How do you Disconnect your Facebook from Instagram

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How to Disconnect Facebook from Instagram

The majority of users use their smartphones or tablets to browse social media networks. Instagram for the desktop web is, in fact, largely obsolete. While most people visit Facebook via their smartphones, it’s not uncommon for users to use their Macbook or Pcs to browse their Facebook accounts.

Here’s how to disconnect your Instagram account from your Facebook account.

Using a Mac or PC

With a few clicks on a computer browser, Instagram users may quickly disconnect their two accounts. To proceed, go to Instagram’s official website. Here’s how to use the Instagram website disconnect your Facebook:

  • Sign into Instagram and go to the top right corner of the screen to your profile picture. Then select ‘Settings.’
  • Navigate down to the bottom left and select the blue ‘Accounts Center’ icon.
  • Find your Facebook profile and click the right-pointing arrow.
  • Inside the pop-up box, select ‘Remove from Account Center.’ Then double-check.

Your accounts have now been disconnected. But what if you are unable to use your computer? Luckily, you can also disconnect your Instagram account your Facebook account using the app.

Using your iOS or Android device

First and foremost, let’s be clear about something. Try not to do it through the Facebook app. There isn’t a way to unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram account on Facebook.

In fact, utilizing the Instagram application on a smart phone is the only method to disconnect the two. You can do it with iphones or an Android smartphone, of course. And it operates in the same way.

To access your account, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile image.

  • Tap the icon in the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).
  • Select ‘Settings.’
  • To access the ‘Account Center,’ look for it and tap it.
  • Select ‘Accounts & Profiles’ from the drop-down menu.
  • A rundown of your accounts will appear on the next page. Select your Facebook account from the drop-down menu.
  • Select ‘Remove from Accounts Center’ .
  • To confirm, tap Yes, Unlink from the drop-down menu.

Wow! Your Facebook and Instagram accounts are no longer linked.

Instagram Posts on Facebook: How to Remove Them

Even if you disconnect the two, you’ll discover that many Instagram pictures will appear on your Facebook wall. This is due to the fact that you have enabled the feature to link every Instagram post on Facebook.

You’ll have to manually deactivate Instagram pictures from Facebook to eliminate them. This is done through Facebook rather than Instagram.

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to access the Facebook app.
  • Select the profile button in the sidebar in the upper/lower area of the screen to get to your profile.
  • Alternately, head to Facebook’s home screen and select your profile picture beside the status post box in the upper right corner.


Then take the following steps:

  • Once you’re on your profile, navigate to the Instagram Images folder. To do so, go to your facebook profile and keep scrolling until you find the Photos section.
  • You’ll be sent to a list of Photos of You after tapping it.
  • You can select from a variety of folders in the upper left corner of this page. Navigate to the Albums subfolder.
  • Move to the Instagram Photos folder in this view. You’ll notice a list of your Instagram posts.
  • To wipe away these posts, navigate to the three-dot menu and press on each photo individually.
  • Select ‘Delete photo’ from the drop-down menu.


How can I change the Instagram account that is linked to my account?

You can connect your Instagram profile to several Facebook pages and profile. Because Facebook pages are connected to accounts, whatever Facebook account you use to connect to Instagram will also pull the associated pages into play.

To update your Instagram’s linked Facebook account,disconnect the old one and connect the new profile, properly following the steps above.

You may, however, select the location where your Instagram posts will display. Go to Post to on your Instagram app by clicking to Connected Accounts (as previously explained).

You’ll be able to choose whether the synchronous shares should display on the connected Facebook profile or from among pages connected to the Facebook profile in question. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Will unlinking Instagram from Facebook result in all Insta posts being removed from Facebook?

Nope, it wouldn’t, as previously stated. The fact that you’ve disconnected your Instagram profile from Facebook does not imply your Facebook posts will no longer visible.

Its because, as previously stated, your Instagram posting will take on a separate entity once it is auto-shared to Fb. To put it another way, it will be a Facebook post which can only be removed directly from Facebook.



Despite the fact that Instagram is now part of Facebook, you may want to disconnect the two for plenty of reasons. Perhaps you don’t want your Facebook profile to get overwhelmed.

It’s possible that you’re uploading different kinds of content on each. Whatever the reasons, disconnecting Facebook from Instagram is simple and convenient as far as you pick the right platform

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