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You may need to recover some important files from Mac OS after accidental deleting, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, and unexpected power failures, like office documents, unforgettable photos, or significant videos; below are the best data recovery software for Mac OS.

In this article, we’ll list the name of the best recovery software for Mac. All you need to do is read this article bit by bit so as not to miss anything that we are writing here.

Yes, it’s in human nature to make deliberate or non-deliberate mistakes, and we sometimes look for ways to menace the situation.

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With the help of any of this software, you can recover all your lost data on your Mac devices ranging from photos, apps, videos, documents, music, etc. So, without further ado, let’s head directly over to the list of the software.

Best Data Recovery Software Mac

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill Data Recovery for Mac is the best data recovery software for Mac OS X. With the help of this software. You can recover deleted or lost data from any storage device, iOS, and Android.

The reason why we list Disk Drill as the best is because it has a full-featured and comprehensive data recovery tool that offers advanced features to raise the level of data protection on your computer and external devices.

The process of recovering data from any device using Disk Drill is not tedious coz it’s just a one-click scanning. Meaning that once you click to scan, it will recover every lost data on the device.

2. R-Studio for Mac

R-Studio is a full-featured recovery application that is appropriate for professional and adept use. Also, it has an amazing number of features that, in some cases, may over-complicate the recovery process for amateur users.

In addition, you can preview recoverable files with the demo version before making a financial commitment and the application provides a wealth of advanced features.

3. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

With the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac, you can recover all your lost or deleted items at once by creating an emergency bootable USB drive and recovering lost data from a Time Machine backup drive.

It is a professional data recovery software for Mac that can recover your lost data from the emptied Trash Bin, accidental deletion, or other causes, saving unlimited data by three simple steps; choose a hard drive, scan to find deleted files, and preview all recoverable files.

4. Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional is one of the best data recovery tools, with highly customizable searches, a huge file-type library, and deep scan abilities.

Also, it recovers deleted documents, photos, videos, audio, & more, restores data from crashed or non-booting Mac using a recovery drive and regains files lost due to USB corruption, partition loss, unrecognized drive.

5. TestDisk for Mac

TestDisk is an open-source, freeware file recovery software application for Mac licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Also, it runs on numerous operating systems, including the newest versions of macOS.

Over and above, the biggest limitation of TestDisk, at least for normal users, is its command-line user interface; as in not that the interface is unreasonably complex or unintuitive, but inexperienced users tend to feel discouraged by it.

6. iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery is free data recovery software compatible with all recent versions of macOS and previous versions of Mac OS X. Also, it is a comprehensive and easy-to-use data recovery tool with versions available for Mac and Windows machines.

Indeed iBoysoft Data Recovery is comprehensive, it only involves an intuitive three-step procedure where you scan a selected device, previews its recoverable data, and choose what you want to recover and that’s it.

7. iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft Data Recovery makes it simple with its user-friendly interface and three-step recovery procedure. Also, the developers of this recovery application have focused on making the process of restoring lost and deleted files easy for users with any level of computer experience.

Furthermore, iSkysoft Data Recovery supports any type of storage device that uses a common Mac, Windows, or Linux file system.

8. Softtote Data Recovery

Softtote Data Recovery for Mac is an innovative data recovery toolkit to give one the choice of getting lost valuable data documents back from lost, deleted, logical corrupted and formatted hard drive, digital camera, USB drive, MP3, and MP4 player, SD card in Mac OS.

9. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is one of the most powerful real free data recovery software for Mac OS, which allows you to recover unlimited GigaByte of data without paying a dime.

Into the bargain, Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery uses the most up-to-date, secure, speedy, and powerful data recovery engines. It can recover disk data, even when the partitions are formatted, damaged, or deleted.

10. PhotoRec Recovery for Mac

The PhotoRec Recovery Software for Mac is a Mac file recovery software app that will help you to recover all the lost photos from your system hard drive or other storage devices.

11. Cisdem Data Recovery

This is an easy-to-use software that allows you to recover a wide range of files quickly.  This software will require you to take three steps only for recovering lost data on Mac, and that is; choosing a data loss scenario, scanning and previewing recoverable files, finally, choosing the files to recover.

12. MiniTool Data Recovery Software

With the MiniTool Data Recovery Software, you will be able to recover your lost photos, music, videos, emails, documents, and other types of data from Mac OS or other storage devices.

However, before you begin to use this software for Mac, you have to know that it works in four different modes, which are;

  1. Undelete Recovery: The undelete mode can be used to recover data lost due to accidental deletion hastily.
  2. Damaged Partition Recovery: This mode allows you to recover lost data from existing partitions.
  3. Lost Partition Recovery: Recovers lost data from lost or deleted partitions, subject to finding them.
  4. Digital Media Recovery: This mode enables you to recover multimedia files from portable storage devices.

13. Recoverit Mac Data Recovery

Recoverit is unarguably one of the best data recovery software for both Windows and Mac. This application by Wondershare is designed to allow one to recover lost or deleted data from Mac OS.

You can also use the Recoverit Mac Data Recovery software to get back all lost files on your Mac devices or external devices.

14. Data Rescue for Mac

The Data Rescue is a data recovery tool for Mac OS X 10.10 and further versions to come. With it, you can easily get back all your lost data from your hard drives as well as external drives, SD cards, solid-state drives, and other devices.

15. TechTool Pro

This is a well user-friendly designed recovery software for Mac users that you can use to recover your lost files. Also, using this software, you will be able to test and repair several problematic conditions that you may experience with your Mac.
You can also use it to carry out drive testing and repair, monitor your network and connectivity, conduct memory tests, and do many more exciting things.

How to Get the Best Data Recovery Software for Mac?

Picking the best Mac data recovery software can be a challenge since there are so many seemingly great options available. Consider the following factors which would help you decide on which software is best for you. The factors include;

  1. Performance
  2. Files System Support
  3. macOS Version Supported
  4. File Type Support
  5. Set of Features
  6. Software Price
  7. Security

So, if you want to get any of the above-listed apps installed on your Mac device, just download and install any of the software that interests you.

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