What Every Prospective Corp Member Needs for Orientation Camp

What are the current Nysc orientation camp requirements? Like, what and what should you take to the orientation camp as a corp member?

In this post, you will see what every future corp member needs for his/her orientation camp. I’ll be listing many of the necessary materials or requirements that you carry to the camp.

Important Things You Should Take to Nysc Orientation Camp

Yes, in as much as there are a lot of graduates flooding out of universities, Google is having a lot of search requests on the requirements necessary for the NYSC orientation camp.

It is vital to read this article if you are a prospective corp member. It can save you a lot of stress and regrets and help smoothen your stay in the camp.


NYSC Camp Requirements: Important Things To Take To Camp


Get the originals and the photocopies of your documents. It is vital to note that you come along with the original of your documents as you cannot proceed with any registration without these originals. The documents are a Statement of Result, School ID Card, and call up letter.

NOTE: Remember don’t laminate your call up letter.

Don’t also forget the original copies



Get copies of your passport photographs. Note that you will be on the safer side if the passport photograph comes with a red background.

Some orientation camps may, in the selfish interest of making personal business gain, force corp members to snap with their crested vests only. This would mean that you have to be in the camp to take the passport photograph, which might mean a wasted effort in acquiring copies beforehand. I still think it safer carries some along. About 8 copies to me is ok. If you are planning to redeploy, then you can then get twice as that because you would likely need more of it.

NOTE: Coming along with copies can relieve you the stress of paying extra for it at camp and maybe queuing to take the shorts.



For the sake of doing your registration in time and other needful writings, it would be vital that you include stationery such as biro, paper, glue, Tippex and a stapler in your travel bag.

NOTE: this can save you the time taken to run around looking to borrow these things as there is just about a short time for everything in camp.



The white t-shirt seems to be the most important outfit on an ‘Otondo’ in the orientation camp. In the camp, you will be given two of them, but usually, they do not fit well with most people. A lot of people consider getting three extra pairs since you would be wearing it every day.

Note: Any extra clothes you may come along with could be for church services on Sunday and any other mufti for relaxing in the weekends. Essentially, they may not be very helpful if you have gotten enough whites.



The white shorts given to you at the orientation camp most often don’t always look good or fashionable to wear. It would be a good idea if you come along with two beforehand.

NOTE: you do not want to move around looking like a circus clown in odd model shorts wearing what NYSC calls white shorts.



Although you might be given a pair of white shoes, it is best to come prepared with one. If your camp is sandy ground, the shoes can really be messy, dirty and uncomfortable to look at. It is also hard to wash out clean and can easily tear within a few days.

NOTE: Since you will need it throughout your service year, it is not a bad idea to get one or two pairs for yourself.



Get nice-looking white socks to complete your footwear. Getting a couple of them would do you a lot of good.

NOTE: your white socks can get dirty easily every day, so getting four or five of them is not a bad idea.



You don’t want to be stressing yourself by begging for slippers to move around your hostel, relaxing away from the parade activities.

NOTE: Slippers are not allowed around the camp except during relaxation time around your hostel or when bathing or something. You can be punished for doing otherwise.



Due to the messing nature of most bathrooms in most orientation camps and the accumulated sweat during the day’s stress, it would be advisable to get a disinfectant like soap and Dettol for bathing. This would save you from unnecessarily getting sick from bacteria.

NOTE: you can easily get contact sickness from harmful bacteria.


Do not ignore this because most times, there are no proper safety measures against mosquitoes as the doors and windows are usually broken or without nets.

NOTE: you would not fancy getting treatment for malaria in the poorly managed clinics at the camp because of the lack of this safety precaution.



No one survives very well in camp without some amount of cash in their pocket. It is vital because you would have many needs like wanting to eat out due to detesting the canteen food, desiring to take a couple of drinks because some days your system would need it, and the need to buy a lot of little things that never stop coming along. To avoid getting stranded and very uncomfortable, it is necessary that you get these things.

NOTE: If you have a lot of money in your pocket, you would always find something to buy with them, especially if you have a couple of friends. So to manage your money well, take just the amount that would last for three weeks.

Also, remember there may be no ATM machine there. Available POS might also cause extra charges.

Be cautious with the money as they can be smart thieves too.


Some carelessly forget to carry along a waist bag or refuse to buy one at the camp. You do not want to inconvenience yourself by carrying money and phones, and others in your hand. Or maybe giving it to a friend who has a pouch and now starts following them around or maybe looking for them now and then.

NOTE: your waist bag can always hang around your waist as this cannot harm you but protect you from misplacing your important property.



Due to the lack of electrical light problems in Nigeria, it is very likely there might be darkness most time in your orientation camp. To be able to walk safely at night and when going to bathe or something, it is advisable that you get torchlight.

NOTE: small handheld torchlight can do all the magic.



Toiletries, sanitary pads, soap dishes, and buckets can be vital needs for your daily body maintenance and cleanliness.

NOTE: apart from buckets, it is safer to get the others before coming.



Get a plate, bowl and cup as they would be vital to take your food, drink tea, and take soup or the like.

NOTE: gives you some sense of privacy


I hope you have enjoyed this helpful reminder for your orientation camp stay. You can count on www.Awajis.com/nysc to feed your reading pleasure.

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