Colleges of Education Offering Arabic/French Course in Nigeria

After making a series of findings on which of the college of educations in Nigeria offered this Arabic/French course in their institution, we’ve come to realize that 12 colleges of education out of the numerous colleges of education that we have in Nigeria do offer the courses.

So, here today you will see the full list of COE’s that offer Arabic/French Courses to students in Nigeria.

Colleges of Education Offering Arabic/French Course in Nigeria


Which of the College of Education in Nigeria Offers Arabic/French Course?

  • Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education, Otto/Ijanikin
  • Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo
  • College Of Education, Ikere
  • College Of Education, Ilesha
  • College Of Education, Ilorin
  • Emmanuel Alyande College Of Education, Oyo
  • Fct College Of Education, Zuba
  • Fed College Of Educ. Okene
  • Fed. College Of Educ. Katsina
  • Fed. College Of Educ. Pankshin
  • Fed. College Of Educ. Zaria
  • Shehu Shagari College Of Education, Sokoto

What is Arabic Studies?

This is an academic discipline centered on the study of Arabs and the Arab World. It consists of several disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, linguistics, historiography, archaeology, Anthropology, Cultural studies, Economics, Geography, History, International relations, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Political science, Public Administration, and Sociology.

The field draws from old Arabic chronicles, records, and oral literature, in addition to written accounts and traditions about Arabs from explorers and geographers in the Arab World (Middle East-North Africa).

What do we mean by French Course?

Is an academic course that is centralized on the study of french languages.

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