Nigeria Colleges of Education Offering Arabic/Economics Courses (2021 Update)

Nigeria Colleges of Education Offering Arabic/Economics Courses.

Arabic/Economics Courses – See the full list of Colleges of Education in Nigeria that offers Arabic/Economics as a course… Get full list below;

Nigeria Colleges of Education Offering Arabic/Economics Courses

Which of the COE in Nigeria is Offering Arabic/Economics?

After making a series of findings on which of the college of education in Nigeria offered these Arabic/Economics courses in their institution, we’ve come to realize that four colleges of education out of the numerous mentioned here offered the courses, and this is;

About Arabic/Economics

Islamic economics is the study of economics or the understanding of economic activities and processes in light of Islamic beliefs and values.

Islam has a unique set of moral principles that apply to both social and economic activities. Accordingly, it has its distinctive economic structure, rooted in its philosophical leanings and consistent with the Islamic institution of other facets of human behaviour: socioeconomic and cultural systems.

Thus, traditional economics has endless human needs and urges for comfort and luxury. In contrast, Islamic economics espouses the desire for humans to quash their wants, avoiding lavish living and sharing (a virtuous behaviour that carries its rewards and contentment).

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