How to Book Cheap Flight from Nigeria to China Online in 2021

Traveling by air is the fastest way to travel, especially when traveling across continents for business or pleasure. So, here today, you will see the 2021 latest and updated guide on how to book cheap flights from Nigeria to China online without any difficulty.

How to Book Cheap Flight from Nigeria to China Online

Over the years past, there have been increases in air travels, as fare has become cheaper and flights have become available to most part of the world. With the globalization of the world, especially with the internet, the world has opened up to new opportunities and ventures that have taken people across continents.

This is also the case in Nigeria, not only have we seen a surge in domestic flight, but also in international flights as well. One of the countries that have opened his doors to the world as well as Nigeria is China.

China has grown economically and the country has opened its door to other governments, public and private companies and individuals to do business with them. China has also invested heavily in Africa and Nigeria is one of their main business interests, so there is a lot of movement to and fro China.

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There are regular flights from Lagos to major cities in China by the following airline:

  • Air France
  • Emirate
  • Ethiopia
  • KLM
  • Kenya
  • Egypt air
  • Qatar
  • Turkish

These are the airlines that take the route to China from Nigeria, either as direct, non-stop flight or indirect route to China.

In this article, we are going to look at some cheap ways to book a flight to China online.

List of Online Agency to Book Cheap Flight from Lagos to China

How to Book Cheap Flight from Nigeria to China

With the internet, it is now easy to book a flight online from the comfort of your home. You can as well book a flight from your Smartphone with various online agencies that you can find cheap flight booking to China.

The price of fare in most cases is determined by the number of stopovers en route to China.

The list below will offer you the cheapest flight fare from Lagos to China.

Fare Compare NG

Fare Compare offers one of the cheapest rate from Lagos to China, and mostly uses Egypt Air or Kenya to different cities in China.

The cities you can book a k flight online with their prices are below:

  • Lagos to Beijing – N424 200.
  • Lagos to Guangzhou – N285 600.
  • Lagos to Shanghai – N362 950

Cheap Flights NG

Cheap Flight NG offers flight to just two cities in China and the prices are:

  • Lagos to Guangzhou – N501,745
  • Lagos to Peking – N566,424


Idealo NG travels to more cities in China than most other agencies and the cities and prices include:

  • Lagos to Beijing – N240,450
  • Lagos to Chengdu – N290,902
  • Lagos to Shanghai- N278,700
  • Lagos to Hangzhou – N319,200
  • Lagos to Nanchang – N293,500

Trip Advisor NG

Trip Advisor offers a direct flight to China with no stopovers to Beijing and the price for return ticket is N450,007

Wego NG

Wego NG is another travel agency that offers direct flight to Shanghai without any stopover and the price for return ticket is N523,448.

Which Budget NG

Which Budget NG offers travel route to more cities in China than most travel agencies and offers the cheapest prices but with more stopovers.

  • Lagos to Guangzhou – N210,380
  • Lagos to Nanjing Lukou – N245,100
  • Lagos to Fuzhou Changle – N269,610


To learn more about any of the above-mentioned agencies, click on the name of any of the agency that you’ll like to patronize  to view all cities they travel to and the current fare prices.

However, these are the cheapest flight you can get to China, despite the fact that the prices listed in this article are subject to changes from the airline as well as currency movement, and you should constantly check the website for new updated prices.

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