Make Money from Bread Supply Business


Bread is one of the most popular food in the world and is widely consumed in all country regardless of tribe or religion. Bread is one of the major food items in Nigeria, in fact Bread has been a life saver in Nigeria for more than decades.  The numbers  of bread consumed by Nigerians in a day is mind-blowing and the amount of money spend on the purchase of bread per month is over N100 million, now you see that cool money can be made in making or supplying bread in Nigeria. with a very small capital you can make a huge profit from supplying bread to retailers in Nigeria. Below is a simple guide on how you can start Bread Supply Business.
how to start bread supply business in nigeria

Steps on How to Make Money from Bread Supply Business

1.Feasibility studies of supply areas – to start this business on a good note, you need to locate areas where supply of bread is scanty, do a market survey of this area, find out if there is bakery around, and determine the consumer preferred choice.
2. Proceed to the Bakery – this step is also very important  as you will need to pay visit to bakeries that produce these bread that’s in demand, you’ll need  to negotiate with the bakery manager about your intention.  The manager or whoever is in charge of the bakery will be able to explain certain things you need to and the amount they bakery will be giving the bread out to you, other thing you need to negotiate for is logistics if there is any.
3. After the step 2.  the next thing is to find the retailers, which serve as your own customers. your target is or should be provision shop owners and Major bus stop bread seller,  these are the two set of people that you might find fortune with. after sealing deal with them (of course you have to convince them with some little bonus or rewards) then find out how many loafs of bread each of them will be getting per day or in  every 3 days, calculate the estimated number of loaf your customer demanded for and base your request on this.
2. Finalize deal with the Bakery you have decide to partner with: After you must have determine the consumer’s choice and also numbers of bread your customers(the retailers) want then you start making order. Note: you can supply more than one brand of bread but this will depend on your customer demand and also your financial strength
4. Means of Transportation: After ensuring the above steps the next in line is to find a means of getting the bread to your store (if any) and from there to your customer door step. this could be  through Bike, Tricycle(Keke NAPEP), Cab or Bus depending on the number of bread your moving around.
5. Depending on the number of retailers you are starting with, if they are much you can consider getting some freelance workers to help you out and you pay them on daily bases.
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