Why You Should Consider Cloud Storage and Where To Go

If you are an ardent user of technology, one slight issue that lingers at the back of your head is “how do I keep my files safe?’ Cloud Storage is the answer.

What is cloud storage?

“Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the Internet, or “cloud.” It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider on a storage servers that are built on virtualization techniques” source

Now what that simply means is your files are accessible by you, anywhere, anytime and on any internet enabled device, securely stored by you and files or folder specifically shared by you to anyone or group of peoples. It aids easy movement of files, safe and secure and also makes collaborative work very easy by people across the globe.

cloud storage

In this piece I will state the popular cloud storage companies and how much free storage the offer.

Google Drive

This is a service that has over 240million registered users. It must be good right? My thoughts exactly.

It offers 15 GB of storage and merges it with your emails also but you can buy additional storage for N399 a month yes naira, and if you buy a yearly subscription you get a whopping 17 percent discount.

It has apps for Both Android and IOS and it is well integrated into your device.

It also has a subsidiary Google photos, Google Photos is absolutely free (There is a catch) only if you upload a high quality version of the original photos. This means a scaled down version of the original version of your uploaded picture does not count for storage. If you find this okay, then it is great. If not you have the option of extending your storage space. Visit Google Drive Website


I use Dropbox with my blackberry device, integrated it in such a way every image I take is backed up automatically. Therefore I am not scared of a damaged memory card or a stolen phone.

Dropbox starts with an initial 2 GB of storage and can earn up to 16 GB with referrals. They also have apps for Blackberry, IOS and Android and they integrate seamlessly

Visit Dropbox website

One Drive

If you use Windows phone or Laptop, One Drive fits perfectly into its day to day running from progress in games to saving and uploading folders in and out of one drive is beautifully easy. One drive comes with 5 GB of storage space.  but if you purchase office 365 you get an awesome 1 TB storage space

One Drive also known as Sky Drive is also available on IOS and Android and can also be integrated to allow cameras save pictures unto them automatically. Owners of a windows phone you can get extra storage once they sign up to a new Microsoft account on their devices.


So here are a few of various free cloud storage services, very awesome way to back up important files, From Resumes to business plans, Family photos, projects and even that novel you have been writing for months unending can all be safely uploaded. Always remember to keep your passwords safe and if you want to share files with people be careful on how you go about it.

Till tomorrow, Safe surfing

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