What is a Blog

This is a post about blogs. What is a Blog? How do I create a Blog? What are the advantages of blogging? What is Blogger or WordPress?

I’m pretty sure these questions will be answered in the course of this post.

Let’s start:

what's a blog


A blog is just an Online Diary. What do we write in a diary? We write stuff that we like and things that we feel important to be recorded and shared with our friends and family. A diary can be based on any topic that you like for example you can write on your  hobbies, activities, poems, songs, tutorials, pets, home and family, your personal thoughts, etc. And people get to read your Online Diary on daily basis and leave you a comment, suggestion or feedback.

If you write about your personal experiences in a diary made up of papers, then your writings will reach only limited people around you but with an online diary like a Blog you speak to the world. So, a blog is your Personal website where you write and share things you like with millions of people in the world who are eager to read what you have to serve.


Creating blog is absolutely free. There are many quality Blogging hosting services that you can choose to create a blog like Blogger or WordPress. All you have to do is fill in your information, pick a name and url; that’s it.


You pay almost nothing; instead you earn money. You earn by displaying advertisements on your Blog or working as an affiliate. People are earning from $100 to $100,000 monthly. Plus you will make new friends in the Blogosphere and you earn respect in the eyes of thousands of people who admire your work. But all this requires hard work, time, energy, ideas, and great patience!

And the best advantage which many bloggers have experienced is that you learn every second online! Your internet and computer skills will improve to an extreme edge and this is what the coming era demands from you. Every second on blogging is a new experience. You can learn HMTL, CSS, XML and a bit of JavaScript, as well as other things relating to programming, computer and the internet without taking any classes.


These are the major blogging platforms which help you create a free Blog; although you have to switch to a paid version. But if you are confused which one to start with then go for WordPress. It’s easy to understand, get followers, and communicate with other bloggers. Although Blogger has many features which wordpress doesn’t have and Blogger also allows you to customize your template in any way you like.

So what are you looking for? Start blogging now and build up a new cyber life.

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