How to Transfer Money on ATM

This post will outline the procedure for Transferring money using an ATM Machine.

Before we dive into this guide, lets quickly familiarize ourselves with what ATM stands for and what transactions can be done on ATM.

ATM is an acronym of Automated Teller Machine and its a machine that has been in existence in Nigeria as far back as late 80s (though not meant for public use then).

transferring money via atm

These transactions can be done on an ATM;

  • Withdraw Money
  • Transfer of Money From One Account to another
  • Pay Bills(Such as PHCN, DSTV and others)
  • Recharge your phone Airtime

Though, most People don’t know that ATM can be used to carry out some other transactions other than just to withdraw money from it. Today, l’ll be guiding you in a step by step way, on how to Transfer Money from one Account to another. so, lets go for a ride 😀

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Steps to Transfer Money from one Account to another on ATM.

NOTE: This service can only be carry out on ATM that has option.  seo any ATM that doesnt have the below logo cant be used for this transaction.

step 1: insert your ATM card into the Machine

step 2: Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and press proceed.

step 3: Here you will be given variety of option such as Withdraw,  Inquiry,  Pay bills,  Quickteller (that’s if the ATM has Quickteller option)Press Quick Teller.

step 4: Press inter bank Transfers.

step 5: Choose your account Type {i.e.  savings or current account}.

step 6: Select Recipient Account Type {savings or current account}.

step 7: Select Recipient’s Bank.

step 8: Enter the Account Number you wish to Transfer the money to and press proceed

step 9: Enter Amount press proceed.

step 10: Confirm details and press proceed.(i.e. the name of the recipient and the account number)

step 11: You’ll see a ” Transaction completed ” message on the ATM Screen and at this point the money has been remove from your account and the other person your send money to will be credited Instantly.

step 12: When you are done press End to Remove your card from the ATM

You should receive an SMS alert containing the transaction details.

This is how smart people avoid bank hall queues. Thank me later.

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