How to Start Tissue Paper Business

In Nigeria today, there are very few businesses that usually don’t get affected by season and weather, and one of such business is Tissue Paper making business. though at first it might not sound germane, but the fact remains that tissue paper is an essential commodity in Nigeria and if planned well its a business that can really fetch good income.

toilet paper

The demand for tissue paper is growing higher by the day and  will continue to expand as long as the standard of living continues soar  higher. Few years ago the Federal Government placed a ban on the Importation of Tissue roll in Nigeria other to make way for local manufacturers but due to the fact that business doesn’t sound lucrative makes Nigerians not to turn attention to it, we have few people in the business and which they are not just making profit but they are also growing from it. another advantage of this business is that it doesn’t require high capital.

Types of Product you can make with Tissue Paper

Different form of product can made with the same raw material the only different about them is the thickness and the mode of packaging each. Example of product that can be made

  • Toilet Roll
  • Facial Tissue
  • serviette Paper
  • Packing Tissue

Follow the guidelines below In other to set up a Tissue Paper business:

Conduct a Feasibility Studies for the Business

It is Imperative to conduct a deep research about the business, though Tissue Paper Making Business is a lucrative business but at the same time you will agree with me that no matter how good and easy to start a business is, if you don’t make research and plan well ahead then such business is bound to encounter problem at the long run. so to avoid this it is always good to research about the business to know; if it’s a Legal Business, what Location will boost the sales of the product, your Potential Buyer, what the total cost of stating and running the business is and so on.

Get a space

The space needed for you to establish this business doesn’t need to be that large but at least it must be considerably big enough to accommodate your Machines, Product and also allow free movement.  Another factor you might need to pay attention to when getting a Factory place is the road network to and from your factory, ensure its quite okay for motoring and then you are good to go.

Set Up The Production Plant

The Toilet roll production plant is a stationary one to be sourced locally. the plant is made up of the core cutting machine, core gluing machine, jumbo reel winding machine and band saw cutting machine.
The plant would be sourced from an experienced fabricator of plants in Nigeria, hence, the durability of the plant and spare parts would not be a problem.

  • The Core making Machine
  • The Tissue Jumbo Reel machine
  • The Hot Gun and Sealing Machines
  • The Band-saw cutting machine,
  • embossing Unit
  • perforating Unit

Get power back up

Irrespective of the Power condition in your area it’s always advisable that you get a power supply back up for your business to afford any disappointment whatsoever. A 15-KVA diesel-powered generator is enough to power the toilet paper making machine and it will be more economical.

Get workers

For starters, three hardworking persons should be okay for at least for the time been. This workers do not need any prior experience when it comes to manning the machine and producing toilet rolls as it’s a simple production process that can be master within 2 to 3 days

Approch your Product Target Market

Producing a high quality product and having the ability to identify and market you product to those who need it should  go hand-in-hand for every successful business. Target Market for Tissue Paper business are Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Supper Markets, Restaurants etc.
You can as well employ the use of social media to help advertise your product and your organization.

Get Vehicles

When there is increase in demand, the need for supply gets inevitable. To avoid disappointing your customers, it is important that you get a vehicle dedicated to supplying your products to your customer.

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