Spectranet’s 4G LTE Unlimited Gold Plan

There is a popular saying that when something sounds too good to be true it probably is but Spectranet is saying that it sounds good and it is definitely true. The CEO of Spectranet stated that this new plan was initiated to meet the ever growing demand for data by subscribers and it is in line with their culture of being a listening and caring brand.

The new Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan worth N18, 000 for a one month’s subscription provides its users with unlimited upload and download services and promises uninterrupted, high quality connections.

spectranet data plans

In addition to this new deal they offer a Unified Value Plan of 40GB for N12, 500 all in a bid to create a wider coverage of affordable, quality internet service. As for the Unlimited Gold Plan, Spectranet’s CEO assures that their rollover policy is very much in place and subscribers that have unused data during the time of transition into the Unlimited Gold Plan would still have their unused data saved if they decide to revert back to their previous package.

He further stated that Spectranet has enjoyed remarkable market success and as a result of that they make every effort to give their customers better offers by appreciating them and constantly listening to their needs.

The introduction of the Gold Unlimited Plan is one of such ways to show appreciation  and he said it’s the first of its kind and in a different class of its own also assuring customers of their brands integrity saying that unlimited is truly unlimited but for now the this plan is only open to Lagos and Ibadan subscribers.

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