How to Set Up an iCloud Account

Icloud is a free service available only for Apple users, enabling them to save information and sync devices operating on Apple platform.

It is very common to find that most people using iPhone, IPad and other devices operating on Apple platform are not aware of the usefulness of Icloud and how it makes things easy. And most of them do not even bother setting up their Icloud account on their phones and devices.

To simplify the usefulness of Icloud, it helps in saving your information, photos, music on a cloud system operated by Apple. These data will be available to you at any time on any of your devices operating on Apple platform, that is you do not have to transfer your photos, music and other data, as you will just have to log in and they will be available on your devices. You should note that this is possible only if you have set up your Icloud account.

With Icloud, you can easily share information such as photos with friends and family, locate your lost phones or devices, sync and share calendars, photos, documents, contacts, bookmarks and so on.


You should understand that an Apple ID is different for an Icloud account but you can use same ID and password for both to make things easier if you are not sharing your Apple ID with anyone.

Setting up your icloud account on your IOS devices is quite easy, as in most cases on a new device; you will be prompt to set up your Icloud account upon setting up the device. Now if upon setting up your device, you opt not to sign in to your Icloud account, you can still do that by navigating to your setting on your IOS device and selecting Icloud.

After signing into the Icloud, you will see options asking you to sync different types of information like calendars, photos, news and much more. You should then put ON the items you want to sync and you have set up your icloud account.

icloud settings



If you have a PC, you should download ICLOUD CONTROL PANEL from the Apple website so you can access the Icloud. After you have downloaded it, install it on your system, then open Icloud and sign in using your Apple ID and password.

It is very easy on a Mac, as you will just have to select Icloud on the system preference and sign in with the necessary details.


  1. On your browser go to
  2. Provide your Apple ID in the username box
  3. Provide the password associated with the Apple ID.
  4. Then click on the arrow button you will see there.

This is suitable for accessing icloud from a non-Apple operating device.

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