Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Hotels are great for relaxation, they make sure that strangers who have money are never stranded. Lodging in hotels can be pretty expensive, especially in sophisticated ones. However, the luxury obtainable in some top hotels around the world are extremely off the hook – these hotels are insanely expensive to lodge in too.

Imagine paying as much as 30 million Naira to lodge in hotel? It’s not a myth, it’s a reality. Some hotels cost as much $83,000 a night! If you do the math with our current naira-to-dollar exchange rate, you’ll see what I mean.
Find below some of the most expensive hotels you can from around the globe.

1 – Burj Al Arab’s hotel, Dubai – cost $22,900 per night


The Royal suite at the Burj Al Arab is the cheapest suite on this list, but it still cost a whooping $22,900, to stay for the night in its most prestigious suite.

The Dubai based hotel – Burj Al Arab, offers bath products and five-head rain showers to give customers the ultimate bathroom experience. The suite also features a rotating four-posted bed, 17 different types of pillows, full-size jacuzzi and a private butler attached. Customers are even allowed free use of the hotel’s 24-carat gold-plated iPad.
The Burge Al Arab is noted for its super exquisite restaurant which is located under the sea.

2 – Ritz-Carlton Tokyo – cost $25,000 per night

ritz carlton tokyo

Located in Tokyo Japan is the Ritz Carlton hotels. The hotel is situated on the 53rd floor of the city’s tallest building.
Customers are treated to some of the best views of the Shinjuku skyline. The Presidential Suite also offers a four-poster king-size bed with Frette linens, a private den, a dining room fit for 16 guests and full marble bathrooms with rainforest shower heads.

3 – Plaza Hotel New York – costs $30,000 per night

The famous New York Plaza Hotel, is also known to be one of the most expensive hotels around the world. For movie fans who remember Home Alone 2, this was the hotel were many of the scenes from that movie were shot. The Royal Plaza Suite at the hotel goes for as much as $30,000 a night for its most expensive suite.

The Plaza Hotel provides three-bedroom, three-bathroom accommodations with an intriguing view of Manhattan, Its décor, textiles and furnishings are all inspired by the luxury and ambiance of the royal court of Louis XV. The suite also comes with a formal entertainment room, a living room with a grand piano, a dining room that seats up to 12 guests and a private library. This is one hotel for the super rich.

4 – The Laucala Island Resort – costs $40,000 per night

The Laucala Island Resort

Fiji is one place where the super-rich go to catch fun and spend their money. Located in Fiji, the Laucala Island Resort is not hotel you can just bump in and lodge in – you actually require an application in before you can stay in this magnificent suite – can you imagine? You have to ask permission before you spend $40,000 in one single day.

Unlike most hotels you’ll find, this hotel includes everything is included in the hefty price, including gourmet food, champagne and beach horse riding. When your invite gets accepted you get the choose the choicest of island lodge to spend your night.

5 – Palms Casino Resort – costs $40,000 per night

We all have an idea of how Vegas is – at least from the movies. Of course billionaires gladly spend their fortunes in Vegas and expensive hotels are their treat. The Las Vegas gem of a suite overlooks the magnificent Vegas Strip with accommodations and amenities which exudes grandeur.
Covering 9,000 square feet, this villa includes a 12-person, glass-enclosed Jacuzzi pool that looks over that Vegas Strip, plus private terraces, a private glass elevator, a fitness room, massage room and dry sauna as well as 24-hour butler service. What more could you ask for?

6 – Four Seasons New York – costs $45,000 per Night

Very few super-rich visitors to New York City do not know the Four Seasons New York hotel. The hotel’s most expensive suite is the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite which offers four glass balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows for perfect 360 views of Manhattan from above.

The suite also comes with a zen room, a spa, an art concierge, extensive library, invisible audio system, butler service, personal trainer, 18th century Japanese silk pillows, and a chauffeured Rolls Royce.
The hotel took some seven years and $50 million to build.

7 – The Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes – costs $51,800 per night

The Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes

The most expensive suite at the Grand Hyatt Martinez Cannes, is the Presidential Suite which costs a whooping $51,8000 per night, i.e. #20 million.

The hotel which opened in 1929 is situated on Boulevard de la Croisette, is adorned with four bedrooms, two lounge and dining rooms, two studies, two saunas and four bathrooms, each containing its own hydrotherapy bath and Turkish bath.

The hotel also features rooftop gardens, all equipped with a Jacuzzi and century-old olive tree. The terraces that offer a spectacular view of the Bay of Cannes.

8 – Raj Palace hotel – costs $60,000 per night – costs $60,000

Perhaps this is the most expensive hotel in India; Located in Jaipur, India, is the prestigious Raj Palace hotel. It offers its suites at a steep $60,000 a night.
Guests will enjoy up to six bedrooms, a library, private theater, astrology room and private kitchen staff. More exquisite features are being added to the hotel everyday.

9 – Hotel President Wilson – costs $83,200 per night

The Hotel President Wilson is currently the most expensive hotel in the world; the Royal Penthouse Suite at the hotel costs a whooping $83,200 per night.

The Royal penthouse suite offers 12 bedrooms and 12 marble bathrooms. It features a wraparound terrace with breathtaking panoramic views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva, which have inspired various famous musicians over the years.

The hotel provides a private staff, including butler, chef, and personal assistant, to ensure you have your every want and need taken care of. You get treated like a King or Queen for that amount of money.

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