6 Ways you can Make Money Online in 2017

If one of your aims is to find ways of making money online as we begin the year 2017, then you are in the right place.

The internet has become so embedded in almost everything we do, from communication, businesses, trading and socializing. You are definitely aware that people makes money online legitimately through different ways and some can even boost of their sole source of income is from online activities.

One of the good things about making money online is that you can add it as an extra source of income as you can work anytime and from anywhere.

In this article, we are going to list out six ways you can make money online legitimately:

  1. Blogging

Blogging has become very popular and you might think that it has become saturated for making money online, but that is not true as there are still rooms for bloggers to make money. It all depends on the area or niche of blogging you are going into. You should study what are the needs of people and will the information you intend giving out on your blog interest people enough to guarantee you enough traffic. You have so many niches you can go into as a blogger, we have technology, gossip, affiliate marketing, news, fashion, phones and so on.


You can make money from blogging through paid and sponsored advert, affiliate marketing, providing goods and services.


  1. Freelance Writing

You can make money online as a writer as you offer your services to those who are willing to pay. This skill is one of the most wanted skills online, as the demand for writers had increased with more websites and blogs being created.

There is website online that you can make money from when you offer your service as a writer, such websites include freelancer, fiver, and so many other websites.

Also, they are bloggers who are paying for the services of content writers to write and upload content on their blog ranging from various interests like sports, news, and businesses and so on.


  1. Graphic Designing

You can also make money online as a graphic designer just like writers, as you can help people online in creating graphic content and get paid for it.

As a graphic designer, you can help in designing logos, headers and book cover online, you can find work online on freelancer, fiver, and other freelance job platforms. You can as well design invitation cards, wedding cards, and complimentary cards and so on. Your services can also be needed in designing of pages of websites, online advert and targeted or landing pages.


  1. Affiliate marketing

Another way you can make money online is through affiliate marketing, this involves helping to sell goods or services online for a company and you get paid a commission.

In affiliate marketing, you do not necessary need a website of your own, this may be an added advantage thou, but you can sell these goods or services through social media, email marketing and offline. There are so many companies in Nigeria that are offering affiliate marketing as they embrace this marketing strategy to get to more customers. Companies that you can register to participate in their affiliate marketing programs include Jumia, Konga, Walkanow and others.


  1. Forex Trading

Forex trading has been around for a long time since the coming of the internet, it involves trading in currency through online brokers. Forex trading is very technical and involves substantial risk, but it is one of the ways you can make money online if you know what you are doing.

Forex trading is very complicated especially to beginners and it is advisable you get enough training from an expert and take a minimal risk as possible if not you might end up losing your capital.


  1. Sell Goods and Services Online

You can sell your goods and services online and make money, you can do this with or without a website. If you have a blog or website you can sell online books, audio, clothes or shoe on your website as you create a store online.

You can also buy and sell and also offer your services on platforms that provide you with the opportunity to place an advert on their pages, such platforms include OLX, Jiji, Gumtree, Nairaland and so on.

However, big platforms like Jumia and Konga will let you use their platform to sell your goods as long as it meets their standard and requirement.


I believe this article will help you make money online this year as you choose any of the options that suit you as a part-time or a main source of income.

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