How you can Make Money Blogging

Blogging is one of the ways you can make money online and it has become a major source of income for a majority of online users.

Blogging usually involves writing about your passion or giving out information, news or gossip through an online platform. To make money blogging, needs dedication and hard work, one of the reasons anyone one intending to go into blogging will be advised to choose a niche they are interested in so that the passion and interest will drive you more.

The question that is often asked about blogging especially by the newbies is how to make money blogging?

There are different source of earning income as a blogger, these includes:

  1. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular way of making money from blogging online, it involves setting up advert by Google on your blog and you get paid whenever your visitors clicks on those adverts.

If you intend making money through Google AdSense, you first have to be accepted by the program and find ways to drive more traffic to your blog so you can make money.

  1. Advert Placement

You can also make money blogging when you offer space for advert placement on your blog. Of course for you to be able to attract customers to place adverts on your blog, your blog must be very popular and you must be able to attract high traffic frequency to your blog.

If your blog is very popular, you can attract companies, event organizers and even politicians to place their adverts, events and campaign advert on your blog for a fee.


  1. Affiliate Marketing

You can help companies advertise their goods and services on your blog and get paid a commission whenever someone purchased these goods or services through the link on your blog. This has become one of the most popular ways bloggers are making money online, as it is easy to register and start placing links on your blog compared to Google AdSense and other paid advert services.


  1. Sponsored Contents

Another way in which you can make money from blogging is through sponsored content on your blog. You can help individuals or organization get their message across to your followers through your blog and you get paid for it.


This sponsored content might include video, audio recording or written contents from churches, other religious bodies, politicians, social organization, companies or individual trying to get their message across to more people.


  1. Selling of Goods and Services


You can start a blog solely for the purpose of promoting your goods and services that you offer to the public. You can make money from blogging as you promote your goods through the content on your blog, turning your blog into an online store.


So if you are wondering on how bloggers make money or you are confused on how to monetize your blog, we are sure that this article had been of help to you.

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