How to Unlock Your Modems for FREE



Today I’ll be going straight to the point without boring you with stories so let’s roll 😀

There is a website which allows you to unlock all Huawei Modems for free, I mean FREE!!!, the website generates unlocking codes by providing the modem IMEI number and Model

How to Unlock Modems

Huawei E303 Modem


This method allows you to unlock Huawei modems for free without downloading any software.

To do this you’ll need;


Then, follow the simple steps below to Unlock Huawei Modems:

  1. Click here to go to the Huawei Code Generator Page
  2. Insert your 15 digit IMEI number and Model in the required field
  3. Finally, click on calculate to get your unlock code.
  4. After generating the unlock code, insert another SIM card into your modem. When it prompt for unlock code, use the newly generated code.


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