How to Start Egg Distribution Business

One of the silent money-making businesses in Nigeria is the Egg Distribution Business, though lots of risk is involved but they are risk that can be curb. This business requires very little capital though with a lot of marketing and customer service skills. One of the things that makes a business to stand out is the level of packaging put into it, you need to package your business to wade of competition or to keep you at the front of the competition. Below is the list of basic things you need to know before you start Egg Distribution Business

How to start egg distribution business

Crates of Eggs



Basic Things Needed To Start Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

1. CAPITAL: – One of the advantage of this business is that it doesn’t require much capital and I for one, I’m a fan of the phrase ‘start small and grow with time’. It’s always better when you enter a particular business with a small capital and then grow bigger as the business is booming. N100,000 to N150,000 capitals will do to start this business


2. CONSULT A RELIABLE POULTRY: – After the capital, the ideal steps to follow is finding a reliable poultry that you’ll be buying the eggs from in bulk. A proper survey and investigation might be needed here so as to find a farm that is reliable and consistent. One of the things you might need to put into consideration before making decision here is selling price, size of the eggs and colour (Brown or White), distance to market and means of transporting the eggs.


3. WHOLESALER OR RETAILER: – This is where your marketing skills will come to play, you’ll need to locate people who will be ready to buy from you though most of the retailers already have someone they are buying from but you must do well to convince them to buy from you.


4. STORE OR SHOP: – You’ll need to get a shop in a strategic market place where it will be easily accessible for you customer. Most people in this business prefer moving their product from the poultry straight to the market.


5. MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION: – The safest means of transporting this type of goods is either a car or a bus, simply because this means of transportation comes with a space that can contain the eggs safely without falling off.


In addition to the above basic requirements, other things or tools you might need to make provision for is empty crates (it could be paper crates or plastic crates) and rodents killer.


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