Tips on How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. the website is used for a lot of things ranging from teaching, learning, marketing, campaigning and so on. Today we’ll be providing tips on how you can increase your YouTube subscriber base.

How to increase youtube subscriber

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1.Make it SEO Friendly: The very first and ultimate step is making you videos SEO friendly the below tips will further assist you on how to achieve this.

2. Locate Target Audience: For every videos there is always a target audience that will be interested in it no matter what you are trying to pass, locate this audience and share you video links with them.

3. Promote you Video on Social Media: Sharing your videos links with your Facebook, twitter and instagram friends can increase the traffic on your YouTube channel.

4. Promote your Videos on Mobil messenger and Forum: in addition to the above tips also broadcast your video links to all your contacts on whatsapp, bbm, 2go and other related groups and forum

5. Network: It’s not necessary you put up your videos all the time, in other to be consistent you can add other people videos that is in the same niche as yours and tell others to post yours too on their channel. Add more videos to your list; the more video you add the more your chance of getting more visitors.

6. Use Hash-tag: Always hash tag your channel while posting your videos on forums and social media.

7. Blog about your channel: If you have a blog or website post your videos there too. Attach your video to your website/blog.

8. Title: Your title should be captivating and appealing to all your target audience.

9. Use the Keyword in the filename: Ensure you include your main keyword in your video file name, this also help to generate more traffic and it also help the search for your video in the search engine.

10. Keep it short and precise: – Keep your videos short and simple avoid unnecessary details that can turn your audience interest off, if you message is longer than what will fit into a less than 5 minute video, break it into parts, i. e. Part1, Part2 and so on.

11. Videos Description: Use a few video descriptions but keep it short and simple.

12. Quality Matters: Make sure your videos are quality (in terms of Picture and sound) and not too heavy, they are lots of video software that can compress your videos without losing the quality.

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