How to Format an Android Phone

There so many reasons why you might need to format your android phone, ranging from virus attack, Freezing (hanging), automatic rebooting, stuck on loading and so on.

Here are quick guides on how you can format your android phone.

how to format android phone

Follow the simple step below to format your phone.
1. firstly Switch off the device if it’s currently on

2. The press and Hold the POWER button/key together with the down volume key to power the phone

3. A command-like window like the picture below will appear

how to format android phone

4. Use the up and down volume keys to scroll to “wipe data/factory reset” and use the Power key to select.

5. Wait for few minutes for the process to clear and reset your device memory, after this the phone will restart.

Congratulation! Now your phone has successfully been reset to factory setting



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