Creating A Store on Konga

It’s no news that everything and everyone today is online so that is why businesses are looking for ways to maximize this opportunity and make the most profit. To this end, start-ups who have limited funds to set up their own online store or even existing business who want an online presence without the hassle of managing their own site can sell online on Konga.

picture of jewelery, shoes & shirts from Konga online shop

Konga offers a huge platform for businesses to sell and grow. They now boast of over 50 million buyers and counting, making it a good opportunity for sellers to take advantage of in this technological age. So for those who want to get ahead of the competition you can start your every own store on in three easy steps:

1 – The very first step is to visit to create your very own store and register your store with a unique Store URL. Your store address would appear something like this when buyers want to check it out Once this is done you can move over to the next step.

2 – The next step is to list your products by uploading a clear picture of what you want to sell as well as a captivating description of the product, set your own prices, and make them available for purchase. Once this is done customers can now see your product and make purchases.

3 – The third step is to sell to millions of buyers. At this point your products are live and customers can start buying. From here on out all you have to do is manage your own order, set your own delivery methods (pay online or pay on delivery), and receive sales proceeds.

It’s a simple, straight forward process to reach out to as many customers as possible. Before you begin the process it’s important to read more information on their website so as to make a better and informed decision. More information can be found on

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