Canadian Visa Lottery

Visa is a permission for a person to visit and stay in a country under conditions for a short time or long period.

These visas are printed on a page of the holder’s passport or pasted as a sticker or rubber stamp on a page of the requested person’s valid passport.

It is kept ready in computers at the entry point till the passenger arrives. There are different kind of visa available for many countries, according to the need of the traveler.

This post will guide you on how to fill your canadian visa application form.

Canadian Visa Lotter

Categories of Canada Visa Lottery Online Application Form.

There are various categories of Canadian visa lottery, which all applicants are to select one of it to start their applications.

  • Canada General Immigration Application

This type of application form is for Federal and Quebec Skilled Worker, Provincial Nominee, Federal Self-Employed, and Canadian Experience Class. Which means it is for professionals and workers.

On this limited information we have on this application, all Individuals applying are evaluated based on their education, training and work experience, which reflects their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada and takes into account labour market conditions in Canada.

Applicants are to give the following information while they are asked.

  1. Choose Your Evaluation Form
  2. Your Contact Information
  3. Your Personal Profile
  4. Pre-existing Express Entry profile
  5. Your Personal Net Worth
  6. Your Language Skills
  7. Your Education and Training
  8. Your Work History
  9. Canadian Job Offer
  10. Family and Friends in Canada
  11. Questions and Comments
  12. Immigration Newsletter


  • Business Immigration

For applicants with management experience, or for business owners, who do have a high net worth.
Federal and Quebec Investor, and Entrepreneur programs, this category is meant for them.

To this end, all applying Individuals will be evaluated based on the value of their legitimately accumulated personal net worth, and management experience during the last five years of their lives.

They will be expected to provide the following details:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Your Personal Profile
  3. Your Personal Net Worth
  4. Your Management Experience
  5. Questions and Comments
  6. Immigration Newsletter


  • Family Sponsorship

This particular category, is meant for sponsorship of a Spouse/Common-Law Partner and/or Dependant Children.
Federal Family Class for Spouse/Common-Law Partner and/or Dependant Children

To this end, those applying for Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident who wants to sponsor close family members (i.e. spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children) for Canadian Immigration. If you do like to sponsor Parent or Grandparent, please select Parental Sponsorship form.

Then for those who do have a more distant relative or friends living in Canada, please these particular persons are to select the General Immigration form to find out whether there is a provincial program under which your relative may qualify.

You are to provide this form for family class sponsorship with the following details:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Your Personal Profile
  3. Your Relative’s Information
  4. Questions and Comments
  5. Immigration Newsletter


  • Parental Sponsorship

This form is meant for those who do want to sponsor of Parents and Grandparents. It is Federal Family Class for Parents/Grandparents or Super Visa
How To Start Canada Visa Lottery Online Application Form

Interested applicants are to CLICK HERE to begin.

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