Top Business Ideas for Christmas and New Year period

We all know that one of the things Nigeria value most is the yuletide period, in fact some families has started makes savings for this period right from the beginning of the year. So this festive period is always a harvest period for every smart entrepreneur that knows the right business to venture into during this Christmas and New Year period. We have compiled a list of Top businesses that moves very fast and that yield good return of investment (ROI) during this period. See the list below


Top Business Ideas for Christmas and New Year period


Food Stuff Business

Selling of food stuff during every festive period is a real jack pot business as you will agree with me that the rate of consumption during festive period is higher compare to other period of the year. Selling of Items like Rice, Salad ingredients, vegetable oil, food Seasons, drinks and so on move very fast during Xmas and New Year celebrations.

Bags of Rice

Bags of Rice



Ready-made Clothes, Shoes  Bags 

Though many adult do purchase clothes to during period too but it’s not as much as the rate at which children clothes and shoes are being purchased. You can get nice ready-made children cloth on online then sell it a profitable rate to your neighbors and co-workers and even to families.

ready made clothes for children

Ready Made Clothes for Children



Live and Frozen foods stuff

The good news about this business is that you can start with a very little capital. Selling of Live and frozen chicken during Christmas moves real fast and it yield good profits. To do well in this business all you need to do is, make an order for the numbers of Live Chicken you will be starting with in any nearby poultry, find a good location to stage you cage, do an awareness to people around you and boom!!! …There you go

Live Chicken

Live Chickens



Game Spots and Relaxation Centers Business

During holiday season, many busy individuals take leave off work and business in order to relax and hang out with family, friends and colleagues. Setting up a dissent game and Tourist centers where people can enjoy their time with family and friends during this period can bring in a cool cash.

Game Center and Tourist spot

Game Center


Event Planning Business

The yuletide season comes with a lot of end of the year parties here and there and being a good event planner, you can make a considerable amount of money during this period. Find out schools, churches, and even company that do throw parties to mark the end of the year, offer your service to them and get paid. Though you might need to offer a discount to convince some of them

Event Planing

Event Planing



Fireworks (knockout or bangers)

Though it has been banned in some state in Nigeria, Sales of fireworks can still be a good business to do during this period, you just need to use your discretion to avoid selling it in public and/or to underage.




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There are more other ways you can make money during this period and we’ll do our best to enlist them here as they come in.


Kindly share these ideas with friends and family and drop your comments below

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