Borrow Airtime Credit On Glo, Etisalat, MTN And Airtel

Have you been in an emergency situation and you need to make an important call and snap! You hear your service operators voice on the other end “You do not have sufficient credit to make this call”. It’s raining heavily and you can’t go out to buy recharge card, your last resort will definitely be to borrow airtime credit.  When you are out of airtime, all you have to do is dial a short code on your phone to borrow airtime and you are good to go.

borrow credit / airtime

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However, you’ll be charged a service fee from upfront, from the network provider. To borrow airtime, you must be eligible to do so. This can be like how long you have you have been using there service and how much you recharge per monthly. The borrowed airtime credit plus the service charge, will later be deducted from your account balance on your next recharge.

Below are steps on how you can borrow airtime credit from Glo, Etisalat, MTN and Airtel:

Borrow Credit On Glo

Recently, to meet the requirement to borrow airtime from Glo, you must have recharged up to N200 naira for voice calls within a month new subscribers need to be on the network for at least 4 months.

To borrow airtime from Glo: simply dial *321*pin*amount you want to borrow#(*321*4535*200#),

the 4-digit PIN before the amount is what you will be using for the service .

You will receive an amount with 10% service charge deducted. For instance, if you request for N200 credit, you’ll be credited N180 while N20 service charge goes to glo.

Borrow Airtime From Etisalat

Note: Here, you won’t be eligible to  borrow airtime without using up to N450 or more in the last 90 days.

  •  Send STATUS to “665” to know whether your etisalat line is eligible or not.
  • To borrow credit from Etisalat, simple dial *665*Amount#.

Borrow Airtime From MTN – Codes

To be eligible to borrow airtime, you must have recharged a minimum of N500 monthly

  • Simply dial *606#
  • Series of options for MTN Xtratime shows up
  • 1 is for checking eligibility.
  • 2 to request Xtratime.
  • 3 to check your borrowed credit balance.
  • 4 to see your Xtratime time history.
  • 5 to learn more about Xtratime.
  • 6 to exit.

Borrow Credit On Airtel

You must be using airtel for a minimum of 3 months and recharge a minimum of N250 monthly before you’re eligible to borrow airtime credit.

To borrow credit on Airtel, simply dial *500*amount# (*500*100#)

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