The Secrets to Becoming a Better Blogger

​This post will be addressing the problems most blogger have which is the reason why their blog fails sometimes. Things like; how you can improve your blog, get traffic, followers, and how you can be a better blogger will be addressed and discussed in this topic.

blogging better

But, the first thing you need to know about being a great blogger is that, in reality, there is no secret. But, these are some of the ways you can improve and grow as a blogger.

1. Be Friendly:

This method does work. It’s all about creating a healthy environment and a relationship with readers, and fellow bloggers.

How do you do this? It’s easy. All you have to do is read and like their post; and leave a comment if necessary. It might be a suggestion or a compliment but, it has to be a good comment. People like when others can relate to their story (post) or when someone compliments their work. They’ll want to know who it is; therefore, they’ll check your site and follow if they like what they see. Through that simple process, you get views and followers; although you shouldn’t over do it.

2. Support Everyone:

This goes along with number one. There are new bloggers who might be scared that people won’t read their post or like it; but as a professional or a rookie, when you support them by liking their post and leaving a positive comment if necessary, they’ll appreciate it and check out your site. You might not like their topic; but you’ll always learn something from it. If you notice, I make use of the word “leave a comment; if necessary” because you don’t need to comment if you don’t have anything nice to say; except you have a helpful suggestion.

3. Captivate Your Readers:

When it comes to your readers, something in your post has to captivate them. It can be the heading, the pictures used, or the first word they see.

For instance, if someone sees a post titled “tree”, that person won’t be interested in reading the post because it sounds boring just by looking at the title. But if they see a topic titled “you’ve probably never done this in a tree”, they’ll be curious and most definitely read that post.

But, that doesn’t mean you should use outrageous topics or copy someone else’s topic because it relates to yours. Something in your blog has to get the attention of your readers if not, you’ll just be writing for yourself.

4. Love What You Write:

This is important; as it goes alongside inspiration. It is your blog; so you are free to write whatever you like; as long as you have a passion for it. For instance, if you follow most people’s blog, you’ll see that a few of them write on different topics because people like different things and with that, they can get different viewers from each topic.

That doesn’t mean you should forget what you write to focus on different things. If you write on poems, short stories, fashion styles, animals, babies, health, products, or whatever; as long as you love what you write, people will like it.

5. Reply To Comments:

First of all, I don’t know about Blogger but WordPress has a spam comments section where comments from most bloggers, as well as real spam comments gets moved to. So, it is necessary to check your spam comment section on a daily basis; for those who use WordPress.

To the discussion, as a blogger, you always have to like and reply to every comment left by a fellow blogger and reader on your post. If they leave a compliment or suggest something, thank them. If they ask a question, answer it. If they talk about their experience in respect to your post, talk further and engage in a discussion if possible; give advice if necessary. If they ask you to check out their blog; as most of them do, tell them you will and check it out. Always like and reply to every comment left on your post; it lets people know how friendly and attentive you are; and you might end up becoming friends with them. It happens a lot among bloggers.

The fore-mentioned is guaranteed for success and great results in a matter of days or weeks, depending on how you utilize it. Although, it’s not just about getting lots of followers or readers; it’s mostly about getting loyal followers and readers who’ll come back for more as long as you keep them entertained, as well as contribute to your post and make your time worthwhile. Remember; you blog for a lot of people to read, not for yourself

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