Agriculture Businesses You Can Start with Little Capital

In the present-day economy, as we are faced with a recession, Nigerians has been looking for alternative source of income.

This coincides with the government encouraging Nigerians to venture and invest in agriculture. The government sees this as a way to improve the economy throughout the country, provide jobs and also improve the well-being of the people.

Nigeria is not only blessed the natural resources, but with cultivable lands that can be cultivated with various kinds of crops. We have the resources to breed animals, in terms of water and feeds.

In view of this, the problem most Nigerians faced in agriculture business is financing and technicalities, that is why in this article, we are going to highlight five of the startup agriculture business that needs a little capital to start and operate.

1.  Plantain Plantation

Nigeria consumes lots of plantain, in forms of chip, fried or boiled or roasted, which is usually sold at the roadside. This is a very lucrative business as it is consumed at a high rate, and you will not spend much in operational cost. The essential requirement is the land, and you can rent a land in the rural area where it is cheaper.

Plantain plantation is easy to maintain as less time is needed to maintain and operate the farm after planting the sucker.

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2.  Fish Farming

Fish farming is one of the fast-growing agriculture business across the country. Fish farming is very complicated as you need considerably technicalities like checking the acidity of the water when to change the water and a lot more.

The reason fish farming is becoming popular despite the many technicalities involved is that more experts are making themselves available to those who want to start the business, especially as government supports the initiative providing supports for fishing farming.

Fish is considerably consumed, and with its health benefits, it is a very profitable business.You can start fish farming on a small-scale as you can acquire various sizes of the fish pond or tanks to use if you cannot dig one. On the other hand, preferably hire a fish pond which has become common and supported by the government.

3.  Poultry

Poultry business which involves raising of birds for their meats, feathers, and eggs. Poultry is very common, and it is one of the easiest agriculture business to start with little capital as you can start on a small-scale with few birds and watch them multiply.

Poultry is very profitable as you can sell the birds for meat, or you can sell their eggs.Unlike some other agro Business,

You can start making money from poultry in less time as soon as your birds start laying eggs.

4.  Animal rearing

agriculture business

This is very familiar in the rural areas as you see animals roaming around. However animal rearing like rearing goats, rabbit, snails, pigs are becoming very common in the cities as people build pens and the like to house these animals. You can start with two animals as they breed and produce more.

5.  Feeds Distribution

A very lucrative business is distribution of animal feeds. As people go into fish farming, poultry and animal rearing, the needs for animal feed has increased. This is why the distribution of animal feeds both on a retail, and wholesale scale is very profitable.

This article has highlighted five area of agriculture business you can venture into on a small start-up capital. You can manage this business and watch them grow and expand as you start small.

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