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The article is about the Airtel 321 initiative which enables Nigerians access information on different topics in all the major Nigerian languages including pidgin English through their mobile phones for free.

airtel 321 service

How to turn your phone into a search engine for free with Airtel

Airtel Nigeria has unveiled the 3-2-1 Service – a call-in system that provides free information – ranging from healthcare to good governance – to Nigerians, including those in rural communities in partnership  with global development organisation, Human Network International (HNI).

The topics that users can access on the 3-2-1 service include Agriculture, Commodity Prices, Family Planning, Good Governance, Health, News & Entertainment, Nutrition, Sanitation, and Weather. The 321 service can be accessed on any Airtel prepaid sim for free.

How to access the free 3-2-1 service

  • Get an Airtel sim
  • Dial 321 and listen to the voice prompt
  • Select the preferred language; English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo or Pidgin English.
  • Select the information needed from the different topics available such as News & Entertainment, Health, Agriculture, Commodity Prices, Good Governance, Family planning, Weather etc.

The 3-2-1 Service provides public service information, that are all relevant to both individuals and communities across Nigeria to mobile phone users in include English as well as in Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin English.

Remember, all calls to 3-2-1 are free from your Airtel phone.

Also know:

You can call the number for FREE 10 times each month.

After the 10th call, you pay N10  for each call.

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