Biggest Dog in the World

Biggest Dog in the World

A great Dane called Freddy has officially been crowned the world’s tallest living dog. See pictures of how this dog looks like below;

The massive dog towers over every other dog on the planet and was officially recognized by Guinness World Records.

Biggest Dog in the World

Meet Freddy, the Biggest Dog in the World

Freddy measures 1.035m (3ft 4.75 in) tall and weighs over 200 pounds.


Freddy’s owner Claire Stoneman, a 41-year-old, from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, has a strong affection for her pet and his sister Fleur and has made them her priority.

She spends a whopping £10,000 per year on food for her pets, explaining: “Every day he has 1kg of minced beef, 250 grammes of casserole steak and about 300 grammes of liver.”

“As a puppy, he was the rant of litter, I got him a couple of weeks earlier than I should have done as he wasn’t feeding off mum,” she explained.

“I had no idea he was going to get this big at all.”

Miss Stoneman said: ‘They are children to me… because I haven’t had any kids.’

Other Dog World Records You Should Be Aware Of

A Dog’s Paws Catch the Most Balls in 60 Seconds

Using only her paws, Purin the female beagle broke a record set in March by catching 14 balls in 60 seconds. Makoto Kumagai, the owner of the 10-year-old Japanese goaltending dog, reportedly works with her for around 15 minutes a day. It gets even better: Purin is the holder of not one, but two world records. For the first time ever, she was able to run 10 metres (33 feet) quicker on a ball than any other dog in 2015. This year, she shattered her personal record by covering the same distance in 10.39 seconds.

The fastest two-pawed dog in history

When it came to racing on his hind legs and front legs as fast as he could, Jiff, the renowned Hollywood Pomeranian, set two world records. The gifted and diminutive pooch in 2014 broke the world record for the fastest 10-meter backwards run (6.56 seconds) and fastest five-meter forward frontal run (7.76 seconds). Despite the fact that his records have since been broken, the dog has become an Internet superstar and even appeared in Katy Perry’s music video for Dark Horse, in which he played a prominent part.

In fact, when Jiff initially stepped into our offices, we weren’t convinced he was real. The editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records, Craig Glenday, stated in a statement that he looked like a living, breathing stuffed animal. “He may be small, but he has a big personality, and his abilities are undeniable.”

A dog has achieved the fastest 30 metres on a scooter.

The French sheepdog, Norman, is a world-class traveller who set a world record in 2013 by riding a scooter speedier than any other animal. Norman, who was three at the time, rode a scooter for 30 metres (almost 100 feet) in 20.77 seconds. He won the match at a Georgia gymnasium with his owner, Karen Cobb, by his side. Norman set a new world record by nearly nine seconds.

The Tallest Dog in the World

Zeus, a 44-inch-tall Great Dane from Michigan, is appropriately dubbed as the world’s tallest dog. He can reach a height of 7 feet and 4 inches when standing on his rear legs. His height and weight are comparable to those of a donkey, according to Guinness. It is estimated that Zeus weighs more than 150 kilogrammes and consumes roughly 30 kg of food each day.

Dog with the Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons

Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier, appeared to be having a great time breaking his own world record. In the footage, the California puppy can be seen hopping on top of 100 red balloons in 39.08 seconds to break the Guinness World Record.

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