Best Free Image Hosting Sites


Let explore some of the best free image hosting sites on the net. These websites exist to save and backup images. Images of any format can be uploaded and hosted for free on these image hosting sites. It can serve as a great backup that will ensure your images are available if when your primary device is unavailable.

These free image hosting sites will also declutter your device by saving phone memory and freeing more space. Your files will also become readily available to you whenever you want them.

Let’s explore some of the  Best Free Image Hosting Sites.

Best Free Image Hosting Site

Here a list of free image hosting sites.


GifyU is a popular free image hosting sites that can be used to host files between computers and URL. A lot of image formats are accepted, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP images. The images should be less than 100 MB.

GiftU also boasts of a multiple image upload feature that allows users to upload more than one image at once. It is free to use.


IMGHST is a simple-to-use image hosting site. You don’t even need to have a user account to upload your images. The process of uploading involves dragging and dropping, but files have to be not more than ten megabytes.


This is another great image hosting site that has multiple upload features. The image shouldn’t be more than 10 megabytes. The site also accepts image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD, and PDF.

Image resize and cropping is another feature of It is also available as a browser extension which will allow users to post their images. The site also does not restrict the number of images you upload.

4. imgbox

Imgbox includes some awesome features like unrestricted numbers of image upload, images can stay for as long as possible without deletion. Image size should be lower than 10MB and should exist in: JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

There are other features like direct linking, large image store, direct linking. You don’t have to create an account to use the platform, but it is required for old image visitations.

5. Postimage

Postimage functions as the other free image hosting sites and has a feature for multiple uploads. You will be able to upload files that are less than 8 MB. You can also resize and crop images before processing. File formats like JPG. and PNG are also supported. A free account will be needed for resizing, gallery tracking, etc.

6.  Photobucket

Photobucket will need free you to create a new account before image upload. You will get a 2 gigabytes storage for uploading images. App users get 10 gigabytes of image storage facilities. Images can be uploaded from desktop or social media accounts. Image format type supported includes GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and BMP, etc. You can also create your album. Photobucket is one of best free image hosting sites

7.  Pixabay

Pixabay is unique in that it is also an image search engine, where you can upload an image, create a new account by social media or email.

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