Are you sick of trying to find the best low-cost data plan? If you’re looking for the best and cheapest data plans in Nigeria this month, then you should read this article. These are the cheapest data plans available from every major Nigerian carrier, including Airtel, Glo, MTN, and 9mobile (Etisalat).

I know how frustrating it can be to pay too much for limited data plans. As a matter of fact, I share the widespread dissatisfaction with the cost of internet data packages in Nigeria. Therefore, I will be providing a solution by disclosing the various data plans offered by the leading Nigerian telecom providers.

Best and Cheapest Data Plans.

All of Airtel’s cheapest data plans are outlined below. See what you think of them after reading this and let me know.

1. Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira.

airtel data plan

You’d need a lot more data to help you with social networking now that apps like TikTok, YouTube, Clubhouse, Snapchat, and Status implementation on all the major social media apps consume a lot of your data bundles. In this age of rapidly expanding mobile data plans, data management has become an almost insurmountable challenge.

However, by activating the Airtel 1GB for 200 naira data plan in Nigeria with this cheap data bundle code below, you can get a good start on some of your internet data goals.

You must have an Airtel SIM card that is active and linked to your NIN before you can activate this plan.

Recharge ₦200 airtime and dial, *141*2424# on your phone. This is valid for 7 days (1 week) from activation.

Dial *140# to check Airtel data balance.

2. Airtel 1.5GB for N1000.

A monthly data plan on the Airtel network with 1.5GB of data for N1000 is the best and cheapest option. Thus, if you’re looking for a data plan on this network that supports all apps without limitations or restrictions on social media apps, this is the plan for you. It’s compatible with everything from personal computers to smartphones to Mifi dongles.

To subscribe to Airtel 1.5GB for ₦1000, dial *496#.

Dial *140# to check Airtel data balance.

3. Airtel ₦25 Naira Night Plan.

In other words, this is the ideal strategy for easing the strain on your current strategy. Anyone on Airtel’s SmartTRYBE prepaid tariff plan can benefit from this night plan. What more could you want from a cheap data plan than 250MB for N25? However, this package is mobile-friendly and should run smoothly on any computer.

Amount: ₦25 (make sure you have that exact amount or more)

Subscription Code: Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plan 250MB)

Validity: 1 Night (between 12am – 5am)

Dial *140# to check Airtel data balance.

How to Check MTN Data Balance Offline and Online 

4. Airtel 1.5GB for 300 Naira.

A limited number of Airtel customers can take advantage of the company’s new 1.5GB for 300 bundles. Presently, this is one of the few Airtel data plans available for less than 500 Nigerian nairas (about $1.50). I’m sharing this because I got the SMS notification of eligibility, this simply means I can enjoy the data bundle.

Before Airtel stopped offering the 1GB for 200 plan, I made good use of it. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not you qualify for the same deal, you can do so by clicking here.

Recharge ₦300 airtime and dial, *141*2425# on your phone. This is valid for 7 days (1 week) from activation.

Dial *140# to check Airtel data balance.

1. 9mobile Social Plan.

9Mobile Data Plan
9Mobile Data Plan

The Social Plan provides unrestricted use of every major social media service. If you’re in search of a cheap plan that will essentially give you access to these social apps, you’ve found the right place. This plan is good for one week and costs only N150, giving you access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp without any data caps.

To subscribe: Recharge N150 and dial *343*6*10#

2. 9mobile Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 500MB,1GB & 1.5GB.

Some of 9mobile’s data plans were changed in December 2016. This standard plan can be used with any operating system or mobile device. It’s good for 30 days, and it works best for people who don’t plan on leaving the social network at all during that time. While 500MB or 1GB is not recommended, there are ways to manage your data on Android to make it last longer.

To subscribe for 500MB: Recharge N500 and dial *229*2*12#

How to subscribe for 1GB: Recharge N1000 and dial *229*2*7#

To subscribe for 1.5GB: Recharge N1200 and dial *229*2*7#

3. 9mobile Night & Weekend Plans.

You can feel safe updating apps and downloading large files at all hours of the night or at weekends with 9mobile (Etisalatnight )’s and weekend data plans.

4. 9mobile 1GB for N200.

A new data plan from 9mobile gives you 1GB of data for just N200. To clarify, I don’t think so, right?

9mobile’s new data bundle is great for people who can’t afford their more expensive plans. However, there are restrictions on which mobile SIM cards can utilize this plan. Simply put, it is selective for SIM cards.

Dial *228# to check the 9mobile data balance

1. Glo Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G.

glo data plan

In terms of price and value, this data plan is among the best and most affordable available in Nigeria. Both the 3G and the brand-new 4G LTE data plans are fantastic. Want to hear the intriguing part?

Enjoy the same amount of data on both 3G and 4G for the same price. Both packages are compatible with any mobile or fixed device (PC, Android, Wifi, Modem, Windows etc). Image paying N2500 for 10GB, N1000 for 3.2GB, N2000 for 7.5GB.

Glo Monthly Data Plans And Subscription Codes

2.9GB for ₦1000/30 DAYS | 1.9GB + 1GB* = 2.9GB

4.1GB for ₦1,500/30 DAYS | 3.5GB + 600MB* = 4.1GB

5.8GB for ₦2,000/30 DAYS | 5.2GB + 600MB* = 5.8GB

7.7GB for ₦2,500/30 DAYS | 6.8GB + 900MB* = 7.7GB

10GB for ₦3,000/30 DAYS | 9GB + 1GB* = 10GB

13.25GB for ₦4,000/30 DAYS | 12.25GB + 1GB* = 13.25GB

18.25GB for ₦5,000/30 DAYS | 17GB + 1.25GB* = 18.25GB

29.5GB for ₦8,000/30 DAYS | 27.5GB + 2GB* = 29.5GB

50GB for ₦10,000/30 DAYS | 46GB + 4GB* = 50GB

93GB for ₦15,000/30 DAYS | 86GB + 7GB* = 93GB

119GB for ₦18,000/30 DAYS | 109GB + 10GB* = 119GB

138GB for ₦20,000/30 DAYS | 126GB + 12GB* = 138GB

To activate any of these plans, simply dial *777# and follow the prompt.


With Glo’s midnight plan, you can stay up late surfing the web without worrying about background tasks like updating your phone or downloading movies or music.

Between midnight and five in the morning, Glo provides 1GB of data for only 200.

To subscribe, dial *127*60# to activate the Glo night browsing plan. Valid for 1 night.

Dial *127*0# to check your remaining data balance on Glo.

1. MTN Daily, Weekly & Monthly Plans | 4G & 3G.

mtn data plan

Although MTN’s browsing data plans aren’t quite as cheap as those offered by Glo, they’re still reasonable. They require no additional settings and are compatible with Android, PC, iOS, and other operating systems.

Dial *131# to activate

2. MTN 1GB for ₦500 for Pulse Users.

When subscribed to this plan, you will get 1 gigabyte of data for 500 naira valid for 14 days and suitable for any device. This, however, is only available on MTN Pulse.

Dial *131*1#

3. MTN Night Plan.

Only those who use Pulse can benefit from this plan. If you don’t want to eat into your monthly data allotment, this is the way to go.

Through this, you’ll be restricted to online activity during certain hours of the night (12 am to 4 am). If you have a 4G-enabled phone, you can get 500 MB for only $25, which is blazing fast. In addition, it’s compatible with any electronic gadget.

Dial *406# to enjoy this offer.

4. MTN Youtube Data Plans.

The new MTN plan is tailored to YouTube fans. Do not worry any longer if you are subscribed to numerous channels that constantly upload new videos. This strategy is tailored to your needs. MTN’s YouTube plans are very reasonably priced, with one offering 1 hour for N150 and the other offering 3 hours for N400.

Dial *559*4# or *131# to check the MTN data balance

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I think you’ve seen the best and cheapest data plans this month on Airtel, 9mobile, Glo, and MTN in Nigeria; now it just comes down to your budget and the quality of the network where you live to decide which one to subscribe to.

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