2021 List of Banned Instagram Hashtags


Banned Instagram Hashtags: The news of banned Instagram hashtags is not strange to most IG users because, in recent years, hundreds of IG users have had their account banned; this you know is a very painful tragedy to put with.

Banned Instagram Hashtags
Banned Instagram Hashtags

If you are just hearing about hashtags that are prohibited on the IG social media platform, you should then read through this article for clarity so that you can also save your account from getting banned also out of ignorance.

Wondering the need for IG to come up with a list of banned hashtags? It might interest you to know that the rate of the emergence of fake accounts, bots, and spammers over the years is nothing one can write up home about.

In order to curtail the spam activities on the site and as well protect the authenticity of the app, IG has made provision for its bot detection to flag certain accounts as spam.

Due to this provision made, an account is flagged as spam if any hashtag from the provided list of banned hashtags.

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Why Some Hashtags are Banned On Instagram?

If you are among the hundreds of people asking why of all things, Instagram saw it right to ban hashtags, below are some of the reasons why some hashtags are banned on Instagram.

1. To avoid the sharing of unauthorized photos and videos.

2. To avoid sharing content that is a self-inflicted injury.

3. To avoid posting photos or videos that contain nudity in the form of genitals, intercourse, and full-buttock close-ups.

4. To avoid using the platform to participate in organized crime and terrorism, sexual service adverts,  sales of firearms, and illicit drugs which is prohibited.

5. To avoid the show of disrespect for other Instagram members which includes posting content with hate speech, threats, or that which is meant to shame or degrade private individuals.

6. To avoid comments, likes, follows, or shares by bots and making repetitive contact with people for commercial purposes.

Some people would like to use more than one hashtags per time and because of that, they would want to hide their hashtags after a while. Let’s see how this can be done.

How To Hide Hashtags On Instagram

The following will help you leave hashtags uncluttered and unspammed.

1 Click on the text editor on your device. A Notes’ app will be opened.

2 Type a dot and press the “return” icon. Repeat that for five times.

3 Type your hashtag next to the fifth dot you typed

4 Copy the text you typed and then open the Instagram app.

5 Go ahead and post a photo and give it the appropriate caption you wish to.

Now to the reason you are reading this article, let us see the list of banned Instagram hashtags

List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Below is a list of banned IG hashtags arranged in alphabetical order.


  • alone
  • assday


  • beautyblogger, but #beautybloggers works
  • bikinibody
  • boho
  • brain


  • costumes
  • curvygirls


  • date
  • dating
  • desk
  • dm


  • elevator


  • graffitiigers


  • hardworkpaysoff, but #hardworkpaysoff works
  • happythanksgiving
  • humpday


  • iphonegraphy
  • italiano


  • kansas, but #kansascity works
  • killingit
  • kissing


  • master
  • models
  • mustfollow


  • nasty
  • newyearsday


  • petite
  • pornfood
  • pushups


  • saltwater
  • shit
  • shower
  • single
  • singlelife
  • skype
  • snap
  • snapchat, but #snapchat works
  • snowstorm
  • sopretty
  • stranger
  • streetphoto
  • sunbathing
  • swole


  • tag4like
  • tanlines
  • teens
  • thought


  • undies


  • valentinesday


  • workflow

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