Bank USSD Codes For Money Transfers In Nigeria

The transfer of cash has been made easy with the advent of USSD codes. Gone are the days were USSD short codes was restricted to just recharging or topping up your phone with airtime. Now you can make money transfers with your respective bank USSD code. With your Banks USSD codes, you can perform task such as money transfer, Pay bills, Recharge card, Change your card pin, Read mini-statements, withdraw money or make purchases and a whole lot more.

Nigerian banks have improved on the USSD short code service to provide an easy and convenient way for Nigerians to carry out financial transactions without having to queue in aa banking hall to get simple task done. Whether you own a smartphone or a feature phone, using Bank USSD short code is supported on all mobile devices.

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Prerequisite To Transfer Money With USSD Code

  • You must use a mobile line or number that you used in opening the account from which you want to make the transaction. If you try using a non registered phone line, this service is bound to fail.
  • The Account number of the reciepient.
  • To complete the transfer, you must enter the last 4 digits of your debit card number as a means of authorization of the transaction.

WARNING: Once a transfer is made after you have met the above criteria, if you receive an error from the system, be sure to wait for a while or check your email for transaction alert so that you don’t keep retrying thereby debiting your account unknowingly.


Below are a list of available USSD codes for bank money transfers used in Nigerian banks today:

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

To transfer cash to a GTbank account, just dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN NO# e.g. *737*1*1000*12345678# from a phone number used in opening your the account.


To transfer money to a friend or someone using a non Gtbank account, dial: *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# (e.g. *737*1*1000*12345678#)

Completing all these transaction, you need to provide the last four digits of your Gtbank Naira Master card. You can now transfer up to N200,000 to a receiving party.


First Bank Money Transfer Code

For first bank they made the transaction easier by giving different options to choose from you can either transfer money, pay bills, withdraw money or make purchases.

  • To transfer money, simply dial *894# and select 1.
  • Dial *894# and select 2 to withdraw money.
  • Dial *894# and select 3 to make purchase.
  • Dial *894# and select 4 to pay bills.
  • Dial *894# and select 5 to buy airtime.
  • Dial *894# and select 7 to manage account.

Fidelity Bank Money Transfer Code

To transfer money from Fidelity bank account to another bank account, dial *770*Account number*Amount#.E.g *770*0987654321*1000# 

Then select the beneficiary bank Name first bank,access bank or skye bank etc.

Account validation and PIN selection are required by your bank so if its your first time doing the transaction you have to create your PIN by dialing *770#, then you enter your NUBAN Account number (Fidelity bank account number), Select a 4-digit PIN for your account.

The beneficiaries account number will be shown to you before you enter your four digit PIN.This allows you to check if the account number is correct so you wont send the money to the wrong account.

If you have a savings account and a current account with Fidelity bank and you use the same phone number for both accounts,your current account will be debited first before your savings account.

Transfer per transaction is N10,000.Maximum transfer per day is N20,000.

Diamond Bank Money Transfer Code

For those banking with Diamond Bank and they use the Diamond bank Y’ello account to Transfer money to any bank Dial *710*777*ACCOUNT NO*AMOUNT*PIN#.

For Diamond Y’ello to Diamond Y’ello Transfers Dial *710*710*PHONE NO*AMOUNT*PIN#.

Sterling Bank Money Transfer Code

For those banking with sterling bank before you can use the bank USSD code you first have to register by dialing *822#,a PIN will be required to perform any transaction so after the registration has been completed you will get your PIN.

With the Sterling bank USSD code you can:

  • Register / Activate for your Mobile Money
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Top-up airtime for yourself, friends and family
  • Check your balance
  • Check your last three transactions

1.To top-up your airtime you dial dial *822*Amount#.

  • This must be done with your registered mobile number
  •  Maximum single amount is N2,000

2.To top-up for family & friends you dial *822*Amount*Mobile Number#.

  • Then select your desired service provider either Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat
  • Maximum amount per transaction is N2,000.

3.To submit your BVN you dial *822*3*BVN NO#

4.To submit your BVN (for Non-Interest Banking) you dial *822*4*BVN NO#.

5.To get your BVN NO you dial *565*0#.

6.To check your account balance you dial *822*6*A/c Number#.

7.To retrieve your account number just dial *822*5#.

Please note that this must be done via your registered mobile number.

For other banks that are not listed above we will update you once the USSD codes are available.In the meantime you can use other banking channels like Quick teller to do your transfers.


If you are using Zenith bank and you want to transfer money you dial *966*Amount*Account Number#(e.g. *966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

In order for you to be able to use this service or any other services,you first have to register for the USSD banking service.


  1. Simply dial *966*00# with your AlertZ number.
  2. You will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of your Debit (ATM) card number.
  3. The next page will display your Account Name and you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN.
  4. Confirm the 4 digit PIN.
  5. If successful, you will get a message “ Retrieving your balance.
  6. You will receive an SMS with the balances on all your accounts.

You can also perform other transactions like,opening an account,checking account balance and buying of airtime.

To open an account you dial *966*0# and follow the onscreen notification. An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. Account opening forms are not required for this process. Once you sign up, look out for your ten-digit account number (NUBAN).

To check your account balance on any of your accounts, all you need to do is simply dial; *966*00# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen notification.

To buy airtime for yourself or for your friends and family you dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# (e.g. *966*1000*0803456789#) to buy airtime.

You can also win airtime anytime you use the *996# EazyBanking,every hour between 6:00am and 9:00am on Fridays, 966 people will enjoy triple value on airtime purchase. Simply recharge your phone with *996# on Friday mornings and you could be one of them.

First City Monument Bank Money Transfer Code

For customers of FCMB you need to dial *389*214#,after dialing an FCMB welcome message will appear with these options.

  • 1-Activate with card
  • 2-Activate with Account
  • 3-Activate with Mwallet

You are required to select option 2 by typing 2 and pressing send,after that a message will appear telling you to add your account number to the service.

You will then receive a congratulatory message telling you that you have successfully synchronized.For you to perform any transaction you will have to generate your PIN which will be sent to your phone,to do that you need to call the contact centre on 01-2798800 or you visit any FCMB branch.

For security purposes it is required for you to change your PIN to do that you dial *389*214# then you select security,under security you will select change PIN then you put in your default PIN given to you after that you enter your new four digits PIN when prompted.

After all these steps have been completed you can start using and enjoying FCMB Mobile service.

Please note that you can always Dial *389*214# for subsequent access to FCMB Mobile service.

EcoBank Money Transfer Code

For ECOBANK customers you have nothing to worry about because with the ECOBANK USSD code you can also perform basic transaction like:

  • Make instant transfers
  • Check balances
  • Pay bills
  • Read mini-statements
  • Buy airtime

To get started you dial*326#.(FOR NIGERIA)

If you are outside Nigeria,countries like Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda you can also dial your country USSD code to perform any transaction.

These are the country codes:

  • Kenya-*335#
  • Tanzania-*150*18#
  • Uganda-*235#

Unity Bank Money Transfer Code

For those banking with Unity Bank you can perform your normal banking transaction like transferring money to other banks.

To get started you dial *389*215#

Skye Bank Money Transfer Code

Skye Bank USSD mobile banking gives you secure and fast way to transfer funds to Skye bank accounts and to other bank accounts.

Their USSD mobile banking allows you to make bill payments, check account balance, transfer funds etc.

To get started you dial *833#

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