What Are The Jamaican Slang Insults

The Jamaican slang is fun to learn and communicate with, but it can also be used to insult and in strong vulgar term too. So What Are The Jamaican Slang Insults?

jamaican slang insults

Batty – ass
Batty bwoy, batty man – a gay person
Batty hole – anus, asshole
Bloodclaat – curse word ref. to sanitary napkin
Bright – rude
Buddy, wood, hood, hose, cocky  – privates, joystick
Bugga, buggaman – gay, Sissy, someone who participates in anal sex
Buggary – anal sex
Bumboclaat – curse word ref. to used toilet tissue
But a wah di rass – what the f*ck
Dutty – dirty
Dutty gyal – dirty bitch
Frass – stoned, wasted
Fuckery – bleeped up, bullsh*t
Fyah fi yu – burn in hell
Ganja – marijuana, weed
Gwey – go away, f*ck off
Gyal – girl (in other contexts – bitch)
Him a play numba two – he’s a gay
Infant-killa – pedophile
Licky-licky – someone who gives MouthAction
Lossaz – slut, loose woman
Mampy, mampy crab – fat bitch
Nuh ramp wid mi – don’t f*ck wit me
Punaani, pum-pum – pussy
Rass – ass
Renk – stinking, rude
Rent-a-dread – fake Rastafarian man LovePeddler with dreadlocks
Sketel, sketel-bomb, sketz, skud-missile – slut
Sodomite – dyke (lesbian)
Yu face fava sh*t – your face looks like sh*t
A wah di rass clot yuh chat bout? – what tha f*ck are you talking about?
Boom dogg – a promiscuous woman
Di gyal have one nice piece ah chest yuh see – that girl has nice breasts
Ah wha di…? – what the…?
To rass! – f*ck you!
Yu rass cleat haad eaz – you are damn stubborn
A fuckery d@t – that’s f*cked up
Rhaatid! – hell!
Mantel – male LovePeddler
Yuh deh pon skunt – you’re talking/doing nonsense
A wha yuh feel like – what do you think you’re doing
Yuh haunted fassy – you’re feeling crazy
No come to me wid them aagiment deh – don’t come to me with that type of story
Gunkona – go f*ck yourself!
A wah di bloodclaat dew yuh? – what the f*ck is wrong with you?
Skunt – cunt (pussy)

Other curse words
Brown dogg
Blouse in skirt
Blow wow
Blurtnawt, blurtneet

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